Amazing discovery! Charge your Mi Band by your power bank

ByGB Blog Official 2016-10-15 5898

A power bank is primarily designed to charge phones and typically supporting a charging current output of 1A. Once the phone is fully charged, the power bank will automatically cut off the charging current to save its battery life.


Mi Band supports maximum 25mA charging current, significantly lower than a common mobile phone. Normally this will cause the power bank to misinterpret as the Mi Band has already achieved full battery capacity and automatically cut off the charging current. BUT:


● some power banks support small current charging and can charge your device directly.


● if your powerbank is equipped with multiple USB output ports, you just need to use both of the USB ports: the first one will be working in normal condition and the other one will not cut off the charging current.

Use one port to charge your phone or insert a Xiaomi LED light, don't say it's not working.


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