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Android masterclass: download any video with 1 tap

ByGB Blog Official 2018-07-03 5261

We never get tired of streaming and watching videos on our Android devices. However due to copyright protection, most of our favorite online resources are paid, including the videos. Most websites actively prevent embedded videos from being downloaded.

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However there's an easy way around this problem: install the "Xposed One Tap Video Download" app.

It's a free Android app, allowing you to download and store online videos on your Android device for local playback at anytime.

Produced by Ashshi Bansal, Xposed One Tap Video Download is truly versatile and amazing Android application, allowing you to download virtually any video in just one tap! What's more, all the videos are absolutely free to get!

Admittedly, some of the claims sounded bold so we ran our own tests and came away suitably impressed: the app works perfectly with Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter and various other online resource websites.

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Kind of like magnets, it seems similar to magic, so we prepared this short guide to help you download your favorite videos directly:

Step 1. Download and install the "Xposed One Tap Video Download" application from the Google Play store. It's a 100% free app. (You can quick download from the link here)

Xposed One Tap Video Download

Step 2. Once installed, a notification from Xposed will pop up to notify you that the corresponding module needs to be activated.

● Tap the "ACTIVATE AND REBOOT" option to enter the next interface as shown below.

● Check/tick the box next to the Xposed One Tap Video Download option.

● Or, you can choose "ACVITATE ONLY" and reboot your phone manually.

● Installation is now completed on your Android device.

ACTIVATE AND REBOOT           download Xposed One Tap Video

Step 3. If your device is running on Android 6.0 or higher, complete the following steps.

● Open the Xposed app again.

● You will see a hint pop up asking for data access permission.

● Tap "Allow" to give authorization.

This allows the app to access your SD card or internal storage to save your downloaded videos there. You can change this location through the Settings at any time, and also add blacklist websites that forbid the app scanning their videos.

allow Xposed One Tap Video Download              

Step 4. Now you're ready! Open any online video, and the Xposed will pop up to ask whether to DOWNLOAD, PLAY, or OPEN the video. Simply tap the "DOWNLOAD" button, to automatically save the video to your selected download folder.


Tip 1: If you don't receive a download prompt, it may due to app compatibility. Simply copy the video link in your web browser, and then once the video starts playing, the hint will show up, and you can download the video.

Tip 2: If some YouTube videos do not trigger the DOWNLOAD process, download the supplementary module "One Tap YoTube Module" from the Xposed Installer app. Then install it on your Android device. Activate it and reboot your phone afterward, allowing the Xposed program to scan the YouTube videos correctly.


It's that simple and easy! Now you can download any of your favorite videos for free with just one tap. We love Android as much as you! Click the link to know more Android products.


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