Arduino guide: build an awesome LED light cube in 5 steps

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Arduino is all about exploring what's possible. We have a really cool project that you'll love.

Check it out: a 3 x 3 x 4 color LED light cube kit! This is fun to build, but it's also very challenging due mainly to the tiny surface mount components. But you'll definitely learn and improve your technical ability with this starter project for groups!

LED light cube

Materials required:

(Attention! The list below is just for reference)

required material for making LED light cube

You may also need the following:

◆ scissors or x-acto knife

◆ glue stick or double-sided tape

◆ markers

◆ colored pencils

◆ other crafting supplies, etc.

how to make LED light cube

5 steps to build an awesome LED light cube

Step 1: preparing the template

◆ The template is the foundation of the cube.

◆ Here we will be using a 3 x 3 inch template.

Step 2: constructing the cube

◆ Now we start to assemble the cube.

◆ Glue sticks or double-sided tape tends to work the best.

◆ Fold and adhere to each side, one at a time, until you only have 1 side left to attach.

◆ Leave that side open, so you can add your LED.

Step 3: making a lampshade for your light cube and decorate it

◆ Use your craft supplies, markers, colored pencil and more, to decorate your light cube!

◆ You can draw flowers, patterns, or anything you like on the paper.

And then use them as the shell or shade of you light cube.

Step 4: add LEDs

◆ The easier construction is just to attach the LED to USB cable with some tape and plug the USB.

◆ It may come loose when you move the cube, so make sure the LED is securely taped to the power supply.

◆ If you want more light, just add more LEDs.

◆ And if you want to get really creative, construct a brace inside the cube to hold the LED and battery in place.

◆ Or go even further, and add a gravity switch so when you flip the cube, it turns on.

Step 5: putting on the lampshade

◆ Put on the lampshade you have drawn.

◆ Now you have a fully completed color LED light cube!


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