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Awei A920BL earphone Bluetooth connection guide

ByIngrid Wilhelmina 2017-05-08 89147

Do you have difficulty in connecting your Awei A920BL earphone? Do you know how to use the multi-point connection function? This handy guide will show you the step-by-step instructions.
Awei A920BL earphone Bluetooth connection guide

Awei A920BL Bluetooth earphone

Step 1: Activate Bluetooth pairing mode on the earphone

At its power off state, activate Bluetooth pairing mode of the Awei A920BL earphone by long pressing Power Button until the LED light flashes red and blue alternately.

activate Bluetooth pairing mode

Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your phone

Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your mobile phone: Slide the shortcut menu from the top of the screen and tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it on. Alternatively, enter the phone's "Settings - Bluetooth" to open it.

Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone


● Make sure that the earphone turns on.

● Keep your mobile phone screen waking up (lighted) during this connecting procedure.

● Keep the earphone and mobile phone within 10 meters with as few obstacles as possible.


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Step 3: Connect the earphone to your phone

Find and select the earphone's Bluetooth "AWEI MUSIC (FF97)" in the list of nearby available Bluetooth devices.


Tap "AWEI MUSIC (FF97)" gently, and it will appear under the Paired Devices. The LED indicator flash blue light once successfully connected / paired.


Notice: If the earphone has not shown on the device list, please press Refresh button to search it again.

Connect Awei A920BL to your phone

Step 4: Multi-point connection

Awei A920BL earphone also supports multi-point connection, can connect to two different devices at the same time. Then do you know how to connect the two devices simultaneously?

Awei A920BL supports multi-point connection

When you have connected the earphone to the mobile phone successfully, close the Bluetooth feature. Connect it to another mobile phone, then open the first phone's Bluetooth. Now the two mobile phones are connected to Awei A920BL earphone.

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Wrap up

The whole connection operation of the Bluetooth earphone can be done in just a few seconds. Pretty easy, right? If you still have any problems with connecting the earphone to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, please refer to Easily fix Awei A920BL wireless Bluetooth earphone issues.


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