Best solutions for Homtom HT17 4G phablet issues

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This passage is about the high frequently asked questions from the Homtom HT17 4G phablet users. We make a summing up with our best solutions for these issues. Hope it helps!

Homtom HT17 4G Phablet troubleshooting

Screen Problems

Reboot the Homtom HT17 4G phablet by pressing the power button 8 - 10 seconds to see if it can power on normally. If the screen shows nothing, then take the following methods:

● Remove the SD card and SIM card, wiping the metal part with rubber. Then boot again after replacing them back;

● Still can not solve the problem, it is recommended to charge more than 10 minutes by the original charger;

● Or it could be the system problem, try to click here to re-flash;

● It also may be concerned with the hardware - the screen has the welding problem. As we are unable to perform component repairs, please contact aftersales support.

Do you use the Homtom HT17 4G phablet with less sensitive during the charging? If so, please just cut off the power and stop charging, then the screen will be normal. The charging current can affect the sensitivity. Or do you drop the phone to the land or hit a thump by accident? If so, the electrical circuit may be broken, you have to go repair store or replace other screen.

If not, try to do as follows:

● Check if there is too much junk file which can slow down the system speed and sensitivity. Then you need to use third-party software to clean it up.

● Try to reboot or restore factory setting for recovery;

● Or this tends to suggest a faulty screen, please contact the aftersales service for further assistance;

NOTICE: some parts of the screen work normally while some are not, that is the screen fault.

Cannot Power On

● Long presses the power button about 30 seconds to force turn it on;

● Long presses the power button about 30 seconds after plugging it into a charger to revive the battery. Then restart the smartphone after a half hour charging;

● Or it is the system fault, long press power button and volume "+" key to restore factory setting or try to flash the phone;

● Otherwise, it is the faulty battery or phone, return to the manufacturer for maintenance. If possible, find and use a replacement battery (same model) and reboot your phone.

● Hold and long press power button to turn it off and then boot again;

● This may lead by running too many applications on the back and cause the stop running, you should shut down the unnecessary apps and automatically start the software. Then the smartphone will be smoother;

● At ordinary times, do a regular clean of the cache files, junk files and the unnecessary software for more space to use;

● If still dead frequently, it might because of the junk files or virus files, try to reset to defaults at the settings or flash the phone.

● Use the original power adapter to charge your phone for at least 10 minutes first, afterwards boot up your phone. In general, the new phone can not boot up just because of the battery died, Therefore, don't boot up a brand new phone immediately;

● If not, try to flash the device for recovery.

Charging Issues

Some external foreign matters will attach to the charging port, so careful to check the charging interface firstly and remove the impurity around it. Still not solving this problem, please just try to do as follows:

● Connect to the charger and then press the power button about 30 seconds to re-active the battery;

● Or try to replace the other charger and the socket;

● Otherwise, it might be the charging port or battery faulty, please contact the aftersales for help.

Take it easy, it is just a normal phenomenon, here are the reasons:

● The efficiency of power to chemical energy is 50%, and all of the energy releases in the form of heat;

● As the battery has internal resistance, the smaller the power is, the greater the resistance is. According to the rule P = I^2R, the power consumption of internal resistance is also converted to the heat.

● If you continue to charge when the battery is full, the power won't be converted to chemical energy but almost to heat. Therefore, pay attention to not over-charging;

Network Issue - My device has network signal but doesn't work.

If you are using a new card, the solutions are as follows:

● Open your SIM card on the online business hall firstly;

● Insert the card to another phone to find out if the card faulty. Need to consult the mobile business department, and then dial the network service provider to reset number signal;

● Verify that if the support bandwidth of the device compatible with the bandwidth of local coverage and the SIM card carrier.

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If you set the traffic restrictions, check whether the cellular network shut down or not because of running out of traffic. Or do you install some optimization applications which closes the network.

Checking method: Settings - Wireless & Network - Cellular. If it has turn off the internet, ticking a box nearby the cellular to open it. Still not working, try the following steps:

● Reboot - When you phone had fallen into arrears and can not use the internet after paying, just try to restart it.

● Reset APNs default - It may result from setting a wrong APN. Come to Settings - Network - APNs - Reset to default, it will recover the right one.

● Contact to the provider to see if the internet is opened or not.

We hope that it is able to help you get back on your feet with this guide. If you have encountered other issues that have not been mentioned here or the issues have not been fully resolved about Homtom HT17 4G phablet or other products, you're welcome to submit a support ticket at our Gearbest Support Center. We'll deal with them as soon as possible! Thanks!