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Car gear: 5 EASY tips to make your suction cups stick

ByGB Blog Official 2018-07-03 84915

Got a new car DVR? Or a sweet phone mount? Make sure the suction cups hold with these simple steps.

Often you can just take the mount right out of the box, press it up against the windshield, and drive away.

Other times you might not be so lucky: you want your suction cup to stick, but sometimes it just plain sucks! Here are some tips to keep the DVR or mount on the windshield.

Step 1: Clean the suction cup

First, start by wiping off any dust and debris from the cup before mounting.


Clean the suction cup

Step 2: Clean the windshield

Any grit or dirt on the windshield will also affect whether or not the cup holds. Be sure to remove any from the windshield or it will interfere with the seal.

Step 3: The temperatures need to match

The more similar the temperatures are between the mount and windshield, and the closer those temperatures are to "air" temperature, the better the results.

For example, you can wait until the sun hits the window or use a hair drier to warm up the glass.

Step 4: A little moisture can help keep the seal

Rub a little finger oil or vegetable oil over the suction cup. The key is to not get too much moisture.


suction cup

Don't use water to stick the cup to the window, otherwise it will just pop off when the temperature changes.

Step 5: Push hard

Push the suction cups against the window and force out any air behind the cup. Try not to let the mount slide (if it slides easily you might have used too much moisture) and keep firm pressure for about fifteen seconds.

Hope it helps!

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