Choosing Anti-Blu-ray glasses needs to be careful

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With the rise of the Internet era, the average eyesight of the human eye also decreased. Businesses take a fancy to this opportunity, and created the Anti-Blu-ray glasses in order to meet the demand of people.



Everyone is also aware of the harm of Blu-ray, and Anti-Blu-ray glasses are becoming more and more popular. However, the market for glasses is also gradually chaotic. Everywhere, they are wearing Anti-Blu-ray glasses with a price of as little as more than 5 dollar.

Although the Internet has brought us a convenient life, but we should not ignore their damage to the eyes. Short-wave Blu-ray on electronic devices can cause retinal pigment epithelium cells to die and eventually lead to many eye diseases.


How to choose a pair of Anti-Blu-ray glasses?

The most important part of Anti-Blu-ray glasses, of course, is the lens, which is the key to a pair of glasses. Qualified anti-blue glasses are required to have professional anti-blue film blue-ray lenses.


professional anti-blue film blue-ray lenses


How to distinguish the authenticity of Anti-Blu-ray glasses?

Presumably, this problem has become the primary concern of all of us with Blu-ray glasses.

● The colors of Anti-Blu-ray glasses, as a general rule, are champagne, light yellow, orange or dark brown. The lens filters Blu-ray, and the lens receives light that is not complete with the natural light, resulting in a noticeable difference in colored eyes, which is not a qualified anti-blue lens if the color is not visible on the anti-blue lens.




● Second, you can also use professional anti-Blu-ray pen; this pen is generally available in the eyeglass shop. After getting your own blue-proof glasses, you can use anti-Blu-ray ratio to identify the authenticity of the lens.


anti-blu-ray pen


Finally, in order to we can better protect your eyes, although leave cell phones and computers, we also need to learn to eat properly and pay attention to the ways and methods that are beneficial to the eyes.



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