Choosing the best LiPo battery for your drone

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In order to get the longest flight time, a good and suitable battery is essential, this tutorial will tell you how to choose the best LiPo battery for your drone, there are five things you need to consider.

● Battery size

"Size" includes two aspects: physical size of the battery and capacity.

Battery size

We all know that the larger the battery, the higher the capacity and the longer the flight time. But you should first ensure the battery weight within the maximum takeoff weight of your drone.

What's more, you should also consider if the physical size of the LiPo battery can be fit into the drone with ease by checking the battery length and breadth.

● Capacity and discharge size

Both capacity and discharge size affect your drone's performance. the discharge rate of the battery depends on the capacity as it denotes the life of the battery.

To find the right discharge size, first you should check the motors specifications and then calculating the maximum current draw, the calculating formula is the following:

Maximum Continuous Amp Draw = Battery Capacity x Discharge rate.

● Voltage (cell count)

Cell count or battery voltage is another factor you need to consider when choosing battery. Because the voltage is directly proportional to the power generated by the motors.

Actually, there are no particular ways to choose a battery in terms of volts. But motor thrust data tables may help you to some extent. Another thing you should remember is to ensure that your motors are capable of supporting your battery voltage.

● Battery connectors

Choosing a good battery connector will not only let you change battery easily but also provide help when you decide to make a new drone. There are many types of connectors as is it shown in the picture.

Battery connectors

● Number of batteries

When choosing a battery you should also consider how many batteries your drone needs. To buy more than one battery has both pros and cons.

Number of batteries

If you are considering to install some extra batteries, this will provide additional protection to the drone in case of one battery brakes in mid-flight. In this case, using two chargers to charge the two batteries at the same time will save the charging time.

The disadvantage is that it is maybe kind of complex to mount and wire the battery. And it's likely to cause issues to maximum take-off weight of the drone. Simply put, choosing the number of batteries will ultimately depend on the type of drone you are using or going to use.

It's a hard job to choose the best LiPo battery for your drone, hope the above analysis can help to make a decision and enjoy your flight time.

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