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Common problems and solutions of the pressure sensitive pen with pen displays and pen tablets

ByNiki Jones 2018-10-18 17808

Many beginners are very headache when they use pen displays and pen tablets for the first time. After all, users need to plug in the cable and install the driver, and need to test the pressure sensitivity. Therefore, they will be helpless when some small problems appear. Here are several common problems and solutions.

the pen tablet and pressure sensitive pen 

What is a pressure sensitive pen?

 The pressure sensor pen for digital painting, referred to as the pressure sensitive pen, is generally used with a pen display or a pen tablet. The pressure sensitive pen is different from the general electronic pen, and its tip has pressure sensitivity, which can simulate different lines with different thickness and depth according to the strength of using pen.


the pressure sensitive pen 


Currently, there are three types of pressure sensitive pens on the market: the active pressure sensitive pens that need to be installed with batteries, the active pressure sensitive pens that require charging and the passive pressure sensitive pens that do not require batteries and charging.

How to use the pressure sensitive pen?

If your pen is a rechargeable pressure sensitive pen, please charge it before use. Connecting one end of the charging cable of the pen to the computer and the other end to the charging port of the pen. When charging, the blue indicator lights up. And when the charging indicator is dimmed or off, it means the pen is fully charged and ready for use. If your pen is a passive pressure sensitive pen, you can use it directly without charging.

the pressure sensitive pen 

Pen button doesn't realize the corresponding function


●  The button of the pen is useless, you can press the button of the pen to see if the indicator light of the board will be bright.

●  If it is used in the software, the pen doesn’t implement the function that is not available in the software. This is a software problem.

The pen doesn't have any respond


● Check whether the driver icon of the computer reads the driver. If it is X, check whether the USB is plugged in or try changing another USB cable.

● The brush stroke is still not responsive after reading the driver, you can try re-plugging the USB cable, or re-installing the new driver of the official website, which may be caused by incorrect installation.

● Try charging the pen. The battery of the pen may be low. If the refill is worn to too short, please replace it.

● Try restarting the computer.

● Try another computer without installing the driver.

● The internal problem of the pen leads to can’t turn on.


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The lines have no thickness difference


● Try pulling out and re-plugging in the USB cable.

● Uninstall and re-install the latest driver, it may be that incorrect installation result in the problem.

● The drawing software is not closed when the pen tablet’s driver is installed.

● Change another computer and try to install the driver, if you can run it, it is the problem of the original computer.

Black screen, no image and green indicator light


●  Ensure that all the lines are plugged in (VGA cable, USB cable, power cable).

● Change the pen display to another computer and test it. If the screen still cannot be displayed after replacing the computer, please replace the new cable to determine if there is any problem with the cable.

●  If the screen is displayed, but the pen is not pressure- sensitive on the screen, then it may be that the driver of the pen display is  installed incorrectly, please uninstalling and re-installing the latest driver. 

Pen hovers over the tablet but show the line


The pen is suspended in the tablet area to move the canvas along with the line, known as the pen leakage.

● Check if the refill can be rotated. If the refill cannot be rotated, it will cause water leakage.

● If there is any dirt on the refill, it will cause water leakage.

● Try changing the refill. Generally, the water leakage will occur when the pen falls and the internal precision components are damaged.


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