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Dash cam troubleshooting guide

ByGB Blog Official 2018-07-03 28308

This is a guide you can run through just in case you have any trouble with your dash cam. Some of these are quite common and solvable issues we often encounter.

● Reset

Usually this can be done through the pinhole sized reset button on the device itself. Hold for 2-3seconds to start the process. Check the user manual if you have no idea of where the reset button locates.

● DVR doesn't power upDVR doesn't power up

1. Charge the camera for at least half an hour and make sure the car charger or USB cable works properly.

2. Dash cams need to be connected to a 12V car charger to operate.

3. Make sure the charger is connected properly and the indicator light is on. Test the camera with another charger unit. If there's nothing wrong with the charger, you can try to reset to factory default settings.

● DVR stops recording after a period of time

1. Make sure your memory card has been formatted and installed correctly. We recommend you to format the memory card once a month.

DVR stops recording after a period of time

2. Make sure the "Loop Recording" function is activated to prevent the camera from stopping once the memory card is full. Not all cameras have this feature. Please check the user manual.

3. "Reset" the camera.

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● DVR is frozen

1. Do a reset.

2. Disconnect the power and let it run its natural course; it's likely to fix itself once it powers down.

● DVR keeps rebooting

1. Check the power outlet/surge protector.

2. Test power supply with Volt meter.

3. Try another car charger or USB cable.

Do a firmware upgrade on the DVR system. Consult the manufacturer.

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