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DIY home cinema: create your own smartphone projector in 8 easy steps

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You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to get awesome home cinema. Now there’s an easier, cheaper way to get great results just like MacGyver.

All you need is any old shoe box along with some basic office supplies. It’s fun, simple and easy – you can even do it at home.

It’s time to get the big picture. Just follow our easy-to-use tutorial.

First, let’s see what we’ll need to make our DIY projector.

- Magnifying lens
- Pencil
- Smartphone
- Scissors
- Duct tape
- Shoe box

Step 1: Preparing the lens

• Carefully use your saw to cut off the handle from the magnifying glass.

• Reinforce the box by gluing the flaps and corners of the box together (to add stability).

Step 2: Lens placement

• Position your box in an upright position.

• Place your magnifying lens on top then center it. Use a pencil to trace the cut line.

​​Step 3: Cut a perfect round hole

• Cut carefully to ensure that edge is as smooth as possible.

Step 4: Inserting the lens

• When you put the box lid back on, it may block a portion of your lens (depends on the size of your lens and box).

• Use your previous cut out as a stencil, then carefully remove any excess cardboard blocking your lens.


Step 5: Set your phone

• Set your phone to the highest brightness because more light results in a brighter projection - don't forget to lock the screen.

• This is required as the lens inverts the light source (your phone's display) to the projected image.

• Position your phone's screen in a topsy-turvy position to prevent it auto rotating.

• Change your lockscreen setting and disable the phone’s auto rotate.

Step 6: Flip the image (optional)

• If required, download an app that flips the orientation of the image.

Step 7: Adjust your projector.

• Like all projectors, this DIY projector needs to be calibrated too.

• Position your phone at the very end of the box then slowly move it closer to the lens.

• You will notice that the image will turn sharper/softer.

• Move it back and forth until you get the sharpest projection.

Step 8: Turn off the lights and grab the popcorn!

•In order to get the best projection effect, you need to turn off the light

• Play your favorite multimedia on your new DIY projector and enjoy!

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