DJI Mavic Mini connection guide and troubleshooting

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When you first remove a DJI product from its packaging, there is a mandatory step to take: activate it. This activation procedure is simple and quick, it only takes place once and allows you to start on a good basis. After activated DJI Mavic Mini, you should connect it to the remote or your mobile phone, so that it could be controlled in your hand. We will detail the different steps to assist you in this activation, connection and the solutions to the problems in paring process.

DJI Mavic Mini​ 

How activate DJI Mavic Mini?

Step 1: Charge your Mavic Mini and its remote control

Step 2: Download the DJI Fly application to your iOS or Android smartphone.

Step 3:Place your smartphone on the remote control, and connect them.

Step 3:Turn on your remote control and then the Mavic Mini.

Step 4:The application will then display an activation screen "Activate your Mavic Mini", select Next.

Step 5: Define a name for your drone.

Step 6: Choose the control mode. (mode 2 is recommended)

Step 7: Set the C1 and C2 buttons (you can do this later)

Step 8: Define the units of measurement.

Step 9: Activate or not the beginner mode (altitude and distance limitation, ideal for a safe start)

Step 10: Login or confirm your DJI account.

How to connect DJI Mavic Mini to remote?

Step 1: Turn on the drone and wait until the system is up and running.

Step 2: Turn on the remote control

Step 3: Press the drone battery power switch until the first beep (if the threat beeps twice, it's too long). Now the Mavic Mini is in "pairing mode".

Step 4: Simultaneously press the red button and the two programmable buttons (Pause (red button), Fn and C1 (top right behind the camera button) until the LED on the remote control turns green. Do not release the three buttons until the LED on the remote control is permanently green! Hold the remote control very close to the drone (approx. 20 cm) while coupling.

Step 5: Now the drone is paired with the remote again.

Step 6: To pair your phone with the remote, you'll need to select the remote in your phone's wireless settings.

How to connect the DJI Mavic Mini to your smartphone via WLAN?

Step 1: Turn on the drone and wait until the system is up and running.

Step 2:Press the drone battery's power switch until it beeps once. Keep the button pressed until it beeps a second time after six seconds! Release the button. Now the Mavic Mini transmits the WLAN signal.

Step 3: The DJI Mavic Mini now appears in the WLAN list of your smartphone. Now you can manually enter the password (which is written on the black transport box and underneath the drone's battery)

Step 4: Open the DJI app and click on "get started" in the lower right corner.

Step 5: The mobile phone display now shows the drone's camera view - you can take off

How to fix Mavic Mini disconnected issues?

● Make sure you logging in the DJI account successfully. If you are not logged in, it is very likely that a disconnect warning will appear at the top of the Fly app from the start.

● Check the micro USB cable going from your smartphone or tablet to the RC.

● Check your remote controller.  Make sure that the ports and cables are clean.

● Make sure the signal is strong when flying DJI Mavic Mini.

● Cleat the cache.

Video Cache: In the DJI Fly app, go into the General settings (3 dots in top right of the screen). Scroll down and tap on “Clear Video Cache”. Click OK.

Storage Cache: On your Smartphone, go into the phone settings, click on Apps, look for the DJI Fly app and open it up. Click on “Storage”. Next, tap on the “Clear Cache”.

● Remove the micro SD card and try to fly to see if it is still disconnected. If you are not disconnected, use a full format SD card on your Windows computer. If formatting still causes a disconnect, replace the memory card with the DJI recommended 64 GB SanDisk Extreme micro SD card.

● Calibrate the Mavic compass / IMU to fix disconnected problems.

Update to the latest firmware version.

The Mavic Mini remote controller disconnected when flying

● Move Towards The Mavic

● Check Remote Controller Antenna Direction

● Switch Off and Back On The Remote

● Return To Home Failsafe Mode

If the password not work when paired, how to fix?

The remedy is to press the button on the Mavic Mini's battery for about nine seconds until it beeps briefly three times in succession. This resets the Mavic Mini to the factory settings. With the Wifi password under the battery and on the transport box, it should now be possible to connect the Mavic Mini to the smartphone via WLAN again.

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