Do you really know how to wash your hands correctly?

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Washing hands is an indispensable part of our daily life. But there is a lot to be said about washing hands. Not all people can wash their hands scientifically. There are about 400,000 germs on one hand, and proper hand washing can reduce the germs on the hands and reduce the chance of passing the disease through the hands. So, in the small habit of washing hands, what knowledge does it contain?

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Lately, Xiaomi launched a new product - the Xiaomi automatic hand-washing machine. When it comes to washing your hands, washing your hands means washing your hands and keeping your hands clean. Each of us may wash our hands many times a day. Not washing your hands properly means not washing your hands. Everyone thinks they will, but in fact, everyone may have misunderstood the correct way of washing their hands. With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of living standards, hand-washing machine has naturally become a convenient hand washing tool that families can have installed.




Xiaomi automatic hand-washing machine adopts a simple and elegant appearance, a small and exquisite size, rich performance, an elaborate design of hand washing liquid, an automatic foam making method, a low price, a larger capacity and longer battery life than the same product on the market, which enables every family to choose to buy one of such a hand-washing machine.


Correct hand-washing steps:

1. Get your hands wet under the tap;


2. Apply soap or hand sanitizer on the palm, evenly smear, rub out foam, let palm, hand back, fingers, and so on are covered with soap foam, and then repeatedly rub hands and wrist;


3. The palms rub each other;


4. The palm, the back of the hand rub each other, knead;


5. Clean the finger space;


6. Under the faucet, rinse your hands off;


7. When turning off the faucet, remember to flush the faucet to avoid infection with bacteria remaining on the faucet after both hands are washed. To be cleaner, wash the faucet switch with soap and rinse it with water. Alternatively, clean tissue covers the faucet and shuts it down. At the same time, remember to discard the tissue directly, or your hands may be contaminated with germs.


Don't fall into the wrong area of washing your hands:

People often talk about "getting sick from the mouth". In fact, two hands play an irreplaceable role in the process of "getting sick from the mouth". Whether it is clean hands to take contaminated food, or contaminated hands to take clean food to eat, the bacteria are carried through the hand to import, the bacteria are transmitted through hands. Since "disease from mouth" and hands are contaminated, it is particularly important to keep hands clean. In real life, quite a lot of people in washing their hands into a "misunderstanding":


First: Do not want to wash their hands. These people always feel that they are "good" and do not have a good habit of washing their hands.


Second: Simply wipe your hands. There is no condition for washing hands, so we have to wash them instead.


Third: Wash your hands in a basin of water. At first glance, it does look like washing hands with water, but the water in the basin has been dirty by the time of washing. Hand washing with dirty water, hands are still dirty, also do not achieve the purpose of hand washing, and even more people share a basin of water to wash hands, that hand contamination is even more serious.


Fourth: Wash hands without soap. Although some people turn on the faucet and wash their hands with flowing water, they still can't clean their hands without soap or detergent, which is far from solving the real problem.


Fifth: Wash your hands only once. Some hands are washed with flowing water, although also soap or detergent, but just rub a bit of foam, immediately washed away with water. Because of the short time of soaking and washing, it still doesn't meet the basic requirement of scientific hand washing.


The benefits of washing hands

Hand hygiene is the most basic, simple and effective means to prevent and control the spread of pathogens and reduce the incidence of infection. In particular, the amount of bacteria in hands after washing hands with soap decreased by 65% to 84% compared with that in the operation. Moreover, the more washing hands, the more the bacteria in hands decreased. Therefore, paying attention to hand hygiene is the key to controlling bacterial infection.




Wash your hands before and after meals. Defecate before and after; Before taking the medicine; After contact with blood, tears, snot, sputum, and saliva; After cleaning; After touching COINS; After contact with others; After playing outside and getting dirty; After outdoor sports, homework, shopping; Before you have a baby; After contact with the patient, contact with infected objects should be repeatedly washed through disinfection; Wash hands before touching eyes, mouth and nose. Wash hands before and after wearing masks; Wash hands after touching public items such as handrails, door handles, elevator buttons and public telephones; Wash your hands after coming home from the outside.


Wrap up

Hand-washing is what every one of us must do every day, and every one of us must take it seriously. Xiaomi automatic hand-washing machine integrates attractive look, use and convenience. If you do not have a useful hand-washing machine at home, then choose this one!




This machine will not only make you love washing your hands, but also make children at home love washing their hands, so as to better care for the health of the family. Pay attention to hand washing and your health.




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