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Does my TV box need ROOT? How to judge?

ByNiki Jones 2018-12-12 6638

When I was debugging my TV box, I often saw people on the Internet talking about ROOT, cracking and so on. So what exactly is ROOT? Does the TV box we use in our homes need ROOT? I'll tell you now!

 a TV box needs ROOT 

First, what is ROOT?

ROOT user is the only super administrator on the system and it has the same permissions as the operating system. Some applications that require ROOT privileges, such as AD blocking, require ROOT permissions.

The problem is that ROOT has more power than the Windows system administrator to remove most files from the entire system, causing the system to be completely corrupted and unable to be used again. Therefore, it is quite dangerous to use ROOT to conduct improper operation, which will result in system halted, or even failure to start.


In Unix, Linux, and Android, ROOT is generally not recommended unless you really need it. It is best to set up an ordinary user separately for daily use.

Second, how to determine whether you need ROOT or not?

1. There are too many built-in software, which seriously affects the users’ experience and want to uninstall the built-in software.

2. Use some software that requires permission, such as XBMC player.

3. Do not want to be controlled by the manufacturer ROM, forced update, resulting in third-party software being cleaned out.

4. Have the spirit of DIY, and like all kinds of new patterns, this kind of users will not say much.



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