Dog lovers ❤ 4 easy ways to stop your dog biting stuff

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You love your dog, but it loves to bite and chew your house down in equal measure. From furniture, shoes, doors, curtains, and everything in between being destroyed, read on to discover how to manage this habit.

dog chew everything

Why is your dog biting stuff?

Reason 1: It's natural canine behavior

For puppies, biting non-food items is common and based on exploration and discovery.

Similar to babies, biting is an expression of curiosity of the world around them – it's the primary way to obtain information: to bite, lick, eat, hold or drag with their mouth.

However, they may retain this biting behavior even after they grow up.

dog's natural canine behavior

Reason 2: It's being reinforced

Think back to the times when your dog bit or chewed an item: did you chase him? Did you grab items that he was holding in his mouth?

If you answered yes to either question, then (from the dog's perspective) the biting is being conditioned: "Wow, if I bite the things she doesn't want me to, she'll play a chasing game with me! The more expensive the stuff I bite, the faster she comes to me!"

Simply put, your dog wants your attention and is repeating the trigger action.

How do you stop your dog from chewing everything?

Are there any methods to stop a dog from chewing everything or change a bad habit? Yes!

The best time is when they're being trained as a puppy. But if you're patient, an adult dog can also be trained. Just follow our 4 step plan below.

stop dog from chewing everything

Advice 1: put important items out of reach

This requires an understanding of what the dog will bite. Position items on shelves, in drawers, wardrobe, and other places that your dog cannot reach. Also, remember to cover your garbage bin.

Advice 2: appropriate and correct cage training

Locking your dog into the cage is a useful way to reduce the likelihood of biting if the dog is unsupervised. However, the dog requires enough space to exercise and water to drink.

Ideally, dogs should not be caged for more than 4 hours each time – less for a puppy – as they require toilet breaks. Train your dog to accept staying in a cage first, and never use it as a punishment.

Advice 3: don't grab items or punish him when he bites

This is the most important point!

When your dog bites something that is off-limits, your instinct is to grab the item or admonish your dog. Unfortunately, even if your dog runs away, they will repeat the behavior later.

The advice is: don't grab, don't chase – don't even react!

Deliberately condition the dog by redirecting his attention (via distraction):

◆ Make a random sound.

◆ Get him to come to you, so that he stops the biting behavior himself.

◆ Gives him some basic orders like sit, stand up, lie down, etc.

◆ When he has finished, give him a reward.

◆ Gradually he will realize that doing other things will attract attention, instead of the biting behavior.

Advice 4: give your dog one or two chew toys

You can make one or two special biting toys for your dog – decorate the toys to make them more attractive.

Reconditioning example:

◆ Stuff his favorite snack inside the toy.

◆ Put the toy someplace he can reach easily.

◆ Once he goes there to smell or bite the toy, rush up to the dog as if you were about the admonish him, then praise him.

◆ Pick up the toy and play with him.

Follow the four steps and your dog will reduce the amount of his biting. Sound great? We hope this article is useful for dog lovers everywhere.

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