DON'T buy a Games Console until you read THIS

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Buying a games console but not sure which one? Or doing gift shopping but no idea where to start?

Some buyers may already have an idea of which game console they want, while others may be confused and not even know where to begin.

Hardcore users and enthusiasts focus on raw performance and high-end graphics, whereas casual users are more concerned with ease of use and simple game play. We take a closer look at the features that should always be evaluated before making that final purchase decision.

1. Game console design

A streamlined, low-profile console box fits neatly into your home entertainment system. It is better to choose a portable game consoles so that you can have fun when you're traveling or away from home.

If space is a major concern, some consoles have "slim" versions available which have a smaller footprint.

2. What games does the console supports?

Arguably one of the single important considerations before purchasing a video game console is the type of video games that will be played.

Make sure your console platform has an extensive catalogue of games and supports the latest titles. Some consoles also focus on specific genres: Nintendo, for example, feature more family-friendly games as opposed to the action titles that Sony and Microsoft boast.

3. Age group of video game console

It is important to consider the audience who will using the video game console. Recommendations for video game consoles vary based on age groups and age ratings exist in terms of guidelines.

For example, games available for consoles vary in levels of violence and language used. A simpler game console is more suitable for younger users, while teens and adults prefer a full-featured model.

4. Internet access

This is a must-have feature for collaborative online gaming with friends. Also, other features include chatting, Skyping, browsing, etc. In this day and age, you should not compromise on this particular feature for a full console experience.

5. Software compatibility

The latest version of your older game console may not be backward-compatible with your existing games library. Choose the one that fits your games library, or you'll be forced to start a new library all over again which can be potentially very expensive.

Video game console software compatibility

6. Connectivity and storage

Consider how many controllers the console allows to be connected at one time, this should be a factor for any on-site multiplayer sessions.

In terms of storage, this depends on how large you anticipate your games library will be. As modern consoles have moved away from disc-based gaming, the size of onboard storage has become a primary consideration.

For casual gamers, this is less of an issue, but do consider your future needs as well as your current ones.


It is very important do some research and find out which video game console is going to be best for the consumers.

By considering the points above before purchasing a video game console, the buyer can purchase a video game console knowing he or she has made the best possible choice.

Establish a budget and consider which console features are most important to you. Try the console firsthand, if possible, and weigh up your priorities.


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