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Dos and don’ts about dash cam memory cards

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Dashboard cameras use secure digital or SD removable flash memory cards for data storage.These flash memory cards come in different physical sizes and different internal storage capacity. The type of flash memory depends on the specific features and model of dashboard cam.


The SD card specification defines three physical sizes. Standard, mini and micro size. We recommend the micro SD size even if your camera takes the larger full size SD card.


Nearly all micro SD cards include a full SD adapter so it’ll work with your current camera.


When you change camera you won’t have to buy a new card as the vast majority of dash cameras use micro SD cards.


Writing speed

Nearly any brand Class 10 SD Card should be adequate. A class 6 card - which is the minimum- records at least 6Mbps.


Even though Class 10 (10Mbps) cards are more expensive, we recommend them since lower speed cards will cause file errors and influence video quality.


Class definition

Class 2–2 MB/s–240p video quality

Class 4–4 MB/s–360p video quality

Class 6–6 MB/s–540p video quality

Class 10–10 MB/s–720p 1080p video quality




Depending on your dashboard camera budget, size can vary from 16GB–64GB.


A good size SD card for a dashboard cam is 32GB. 32GB mirco SD card is the best choice for the price, giving you about 1-2 hours of recording until its starts to delete or rewrite.


We recommend 32GB Class10 card: you will have a decent amount of record time plus a fast enough interface to record and replay HD footage without any issues. If you can afford it, 64GB size improves durability.



Do not purchase cheap memory cards for your dash cam, beware of counterfeit memory cards otherwise your dashboard camera can suffer writing errors. Always buy your cards from a reliable source.


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