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Easy fixes for Aiwatch C5 sports smartwatch phone problems

ByGB Blog Official 2017-03-30 4484

A comprehensive Aiwatch C5 sport smartwatch troubleshooting guide that contains specific and useful solving steps. It covers almost all issues you may meet on this phone - booting, charge/battery, screen/display and audio.

The Aiwatch C5 sports smartwatch is indeed one of the most feature-laden smartwatches. Bluetooth dialing and call, anti-scratch and circular 1.22-inch touch screen, real time heart rate monitor, pedometer, remote capture and more, all these features contribute to a much-loved smartwatch phone.

However, you may be occasionally encountered some problems in daily use or wonder to know how to operate one of the functions. Let's take a closer look at these problems together with their solutions. Hope you can find the satisfied answer of your phone issues here.

Aiwatch C5 sports smartwatch

Boot Issues

● The issue might be caused by incompatible or buggy apps. Find and uninstall them, especially if they have been recently added.

● Backup your important data and restore to its factory settings.

● If the issue persists, it may be the phone faulty. Please contact our aftersales service to determine if a product return and repair are required.

You turn on your smartwatch phone by pressing the power button, but the button doesn't work. Your device is not always broken. There are some ways to bring it to life.

● If the battery is completely drained, the smartwatch will not respond at all when you press the power button. Just let it charge for a few minutes (at least 10 minutes) and then reboot to try.

● If it doesn't work, try plugging the device to another effective cable and charger. The USB cable or charger could be broken.

● The problem remains unsolved, it is most likely a battery fault. Contact our aftersales for further help.

● Connect the smartphone watch using the original charger for a 10-minute charge. Then, check whether the screen can display or not. If not, some soft taps on the screen may help.

● If the screen still shows nothing, the flat cable may be damaged, especially you have dropped the device. Go to a local repair store to fix the watch.

Charge & Battery Issues

● The Aiwatch C5 smatwatch phone has only 300mAh battery which supplies about 24 hours standby time and 6 - 7 hours using time normally. However, when you have opened too many apps, it will consume faster. To decrease the power consumption, turn off unnecessary apps, processes and functions.

● If the battery is draining fast without opening any apps, the battery is damaged possibly. Go to local repair store for a new battery.

● Firstly, do not overcharge the smartwatch phone. I mean do not plug into an outlet for charging beyond 3 hours to fully recharge the battery. Otherwise, it will reduce the battery capacity bit by bit.

● The power charger's plug may be oxidized or has interference. If so, use an eraser to clean the plug, and retry it.

● If the previous methods do not work, try to change another compatible charger plug.

The effective electricity that charges into the battery only occupies half of the total amount because the other half part is transforming as heat energy. It's a common physical reaction.

● Once the smartwatch is fully charged, but you don't pull it out from the charger. All the electric power will all transform to heat energy, sure the phone will become hot.

● Do not play the device while charging, it will release abundant heat. Also, stop over-charging the phone, which will damage the battery.

● The most terrible situation is that the battery is damaged or aged. When the heat is extremely high and expanded, please stop charging it immediately and leave it away! Wait until it cools down and take it to a local phone fixing store to check and replace the battery.

● If the battery is swollen and hot while charging, the device is faulty. Please contact the aftersales service for further assistance.

Screen & Display Issues

● Try to turn off and reboot the phone to see if the problem is fixed.

● If the issue persists, the display's flex cable may either be faulty or loose. This is a relatively minor issue, just take the smartwatch to your local repair store. Alternatively, contact our aftersales staff for technical assistance.

● This problem may caused by a major system failure, try to restore the phone's default factory settings.

● The screen may be damaged, please take the smartwatch to your repair store to fix or replace.

● Try to update the firmware to solve this issue:

(a). For watch with a SIM card, latest firmware shall be downloaded automatically for OTA update if GPRS is turned on.

(b). For watch without SIM card, you can use APP to complete the OTA update. Before that, you need to pair your watch with the smartphone App.

● If this fix does not resolve a blank white screen problem, contact our aftersales service for help.

Additional Queries

Slide down from UV window or slide up from back button to navigate to "Settings - Clock - click off Time Sync". Then you can set time and time manually. Also, you can set 12-hour clock.

Aiwatch C5 sports smartwatch time and date setting

Unfortunately, you can't. The Aiwatch C5 only runs the built-in software.

The Aiwatch C5 support iOS7.0 or above and Android 4.4.4 or above version smartphone.

The Aiwatch C5 has 512MB internal storage.

Firstly, you need to unpair the smartwatch and the phone and switch them off. Then, turn them on and repair to try. If it fails, the speaker may be damaged. Please take it to the local fixing shop to check and repair.

Wrap Up

We hope that our comprehensive troubleshooting guide has been able to get your Aiwatch C5 smartwatch back on its feet. If you have encountered other issues not covered or there are unresolved issues with other products, you are always very welcome to submit a support ticket at our GearBest Support Center. We'll deal with them as soon as possible!

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