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Extreme survival: using your hunting rifle scope reticle

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Hunting correctly requires skill. We show how to use your rifle scope correctly.

A reticle, also known as a graticule, is a net of fine lines or fibers in the eyepiece of a sighting device, such as a telescope, a microscope, or rifle scope. Here we take rifle scope reticle for example.


A reticle is the crosshair or aiming point in your field of view in a riflescope. To use a rifle scope reticle properly you must first focus it for your eye.


Point your properly mounted rifle scope at the sky or a blank wall with the scope at its highest power. Before you choose the reticle, you must know what situation you will be using your riflescope. Following we will highlight 4 types of reticles:


● German

● Crosshair

● Duplex

● Mil Dot

1. German #1 & German #4

German reticles are apt for the low light hunting. They also work well in dense brush and allow precise shots with sharp tip of the bottom post.


German #1 is the old version. It is a combination of relatively thick lines.


There are two sides’ lines and the bottom line tapered to the end. Thanks to the tip, it allows precise shots when there is time.


However, it is difficult to aim at small targets, especially at long distances (150 yards and more). Lines are so wide that at such distance small target is completely covered by them.


It is also hard to do windage and elevation adjustments because there is nothing to catch the eye. If you are hunting small animals or perform target shooting it is better to find another reticle.


Nowadays the most popular reticle is German #4, which is almost the same as #1 except the added crosshair for more precise aiming.


The low light hunting point of view #1 reticle seems even better than #4, because in low light the center crosshair of German #4 reticle fades away. This forces yoto center the target between the thick posts, but this is not so precise.



2. Crosshair Reticle

This is great for more precise shooting. Usually there are two thin vertical and horizontal lines that converge in the center of ocular field.


However this type of reticle is not ideal as well. This reticle is not adapted for shooting at a moving target, so it is difficult to capture such target.


It is also difficult to do windage and elevation adjustments for the same reason as with the German reticle.



3. Duplex Reticle

Duplex is the most popular type of reticle. There are many types of it.


Every manufacturer has its own name for duplex reticle: Duplex, Nikoplex, 30-30 and so on.


Those reticles combine the advantages of German reticle and crosshair. Duplex is a combination of horizontal and vertical lines intersecting in the center of objective lens.


The lines have a complex shape, it is thick almost the entire length and very thin at the intersection with each other.


Such reticle allows you to make a fast shot at a moving target or aim at small targets using thick crosshair.



4. Mil Dot Reticle

Such reticle can be used to calculate distance.


Mil means milradian, not military. A milradian is 1/1000 of a radian. A mil in a reticle subtends 3.6 inches at 100 yards.


To find the approximate distance to your target, set the required magnification suggested by the manufacturer. Then you should know the approximate size of your target.


The whole calculation may take a while and not the most precise. This reticle is used by military snipers.


They normally deploy teams of two, with one shooter, and one doing the spotting and calculations. But Mil Dots are rarely used anymore with laser rangefinder being faster and more accurate.


Of course, there are many other types of reticles in rifle scope, like BDC, illuminated reticle and so on.


The following is the BDC reticle graphic:



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