Extreme survival: your survival bracelet will save your life

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Outdoors? Then having just a paracord survival bracelet could save you. Preferred by those on expeditions and camping lovers, its utility is undeniable - this bracelet could literally save your life in an emergency.

outdoor nylon knit watch band

You should keep in mind that your bracelet has so many uses that it would be a shame to keep it only on your wrist.

It increases your survival chances by providing readily available resources to you; it can also be unraveled into a rope used for emergency purpose, like repairing a fishing line, traps, gear, nets, as well as securing stuff, tying items or other equipment.

We'll take a look at some of its more important outdoor functions.

1. Whistle

● The whistle in the bracelet can serve as a good helper when you are in emergency.

● It can attract attention from a long distance when you're injured and cannot move.

whistle for outdoor

2. Flint + Scraper

● Rubbing the flint stone against the scraper can create a spark.

● Underneath the flint, you can put some paper scraps or dry kindling to start a fire.

● This is useful if you have no match or lighter at hand.

● The scraper can also be used as a knife in an emergency.

fire starter

3. Compass + Thermometer

You can make use of these two little gears according to your circumstances.

● Put the gears in horizontal direction to see where the red marker pointing to.

● Compass accurately provides directional assistance when missing outdoors.

● Thermometer figures out the precise temperature readout easily so that you can well prepared for your outdoor activities.

4. Using the Survival Paracord

1). Make a fishing line

When you are out in the wild without food, you may have to seek food for yourself. IF you are near a river, you may have to catch some fish.

● Unravel the paracord and simply attach a hook and some bait.

● This creates a simple fishing line to help you catch the food you need.

2). Make an animal trap

When it comes to food, you should know that the survival strap bracelet can help you catch small animals too. Instead of catching fish, you can create a trap for squirrels or other tiny rodents.

● Take one end of the rope and knot it around a branch.

● Create a noose at the other end that will trap the animal that passes by.

● You have to bind the branch with something solid like wood fixed in the ground.

3). Replace your shoelaces

Your shoelaces can break after excessive hiking.

● The paracord strings from the survival bracelet can be used to replace them.

● Good and strong shoelaces are very helpful in some emergency cases.

● When an animal attacks you, you may need to run faster.

4). Stop bleeding

Accidents can happen anywhere. The worst case is when you don't have medical supplies and you are far away from any hospital.

The survival bracelet can help you create a tourniquet that may save lives in case of blood loss by tying an elastic cord to the upstream of the wound.

5). Further uses

Of course, there are many other usages of the paracord applied in outdoors, we will not illustrate more. You can apply it based on your actual situation.

All in all, the paracord survival bracelet is a multifunctional gear you should take with you for any outdoor travel.

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