Fast reboot ANY Android, iPhone, and non-smartphone

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Multiple effective ways to fast reboot Android, iPhone, and non-smartphone.

Your phone runs slower? Rebooting can clean the flash cache to speed it up again. Your phone get stuck or crashed? A forced restart is the quickest way to recover from the problems. Also a restart might be the requirement after installing certain apps. Anyway, the reasons to reboot a phone are diverse, how to reboot our phone is the key point we want to know.

Most users only know to reboot by typically pressing the power button, however, the ways are various. In this article, I would like to share you multiple effective methods to achieve the same result but even faster! No matter it's a smartphone (Android phone or iPhone) or a non-smartphone. The detail steps will be listed for each method.

Quick Reboot Smartphones

Android Smartphones (available on Gearbest)

Method #1: Press Power Button

It's the most common way to restart a phone.


• Long press the power button for 2 - 3 seconds.

• A notification will appear listing "Shut down", "Reboot", and other options.

• Tap the "Reboot" button to restart your phone.



Method #2: Use Third Party Apps

If your Android phone is rooted, use a third party reboot app is practical, e.g. Quick Boot or Simple Reboot.


• Enter any Android app market or the Google Play store.

• Type "reboot" in the search bar and start the search.

• Select your reboot app, download and install it on your phone.

• Launch it (I will use Quick Boot app as the example).

• Tap the "Reboot" option to restart your phone.


Method #3: Remove the Battery

The most effective and direct way is to physically remove and reinsert the battery.


• Open the back case of the phone.

• Forcibly remove the battery to shut it down.

• Wait for 15 - 20 seconds, then reinsert the battery.

• Hold the power button to restart it.

Warning: This is for emergencies only and requires a removable battery; Use it seriously because the data may be lost.


Method #4: Contact the After-sale Service Center/Go to Authorized Maintenance Center

If the above methods do not work, or the battery is non-removable, the best way is to contact the after-sale service for help, or go to an authorized maintenance center for professional repair.

iPhone (iPhone accessories available on Gearbest)

No iPhones (to date) feature a "Reboot" option, the only way is to shut it down and then restart it.

Method #1: Press Power Button

All the users know and would like this general way for iPhone restart.


• Long press the Power button for 3 - 5 seconds until you see the power off interface.

• Slide the red power icon to the right to shut it down.

• Long press the power button again to restart.



Method #2: Apply the iPhone Forced Reboot

In an emergency, for example, iPhone get stuck without any operation reaction, use this forced reboot way – provided by Apple itself for solving crash matters.


• Press Home button and Power button together.

• Keep holding until the display turns black and the white Apple logo appears, then release

• The iPhone will automatically restart.

Notice: This way doesn't work on the iPhone 7.


Tip: For iPhone 7, hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons together until the screen becomes white and the black Apple logo shows up. The iPhone 7 will restart afterward.


Method #3: Use Third Party Software

You can also use third party software, e.g. iTools, PP Mobile Assistant, i4 Assistant, etc, to reboot the iPhone directly in one tap on a PC. (Most software requires iTunes for data access permission so install this first).


• Search for "iTools" software on your computer browser.

• Download and install the PC version on your PC.

• Launch the software (you don't need to launch the iTunes).

• Connect your iPhone to your PC via the original iPhone USB cable.

• The iTool software will automatically detect your iPhone and connect with it(if it's not, try it again). 

• Your iPhone will appear on the software interface.

• Find out the "Reboot" option and click it to reboot your iPhone.



Method #4: Contact the After-sale Service Center/Go to Authorized Maintenance Center

If the above methods do not work on your iPhone, the best advice is contacting the official Apple Center, or go to an authorized Apple maintenance center for professional fixing.

Non-smartphone Reboot Methods

Method #1

• Press the Power button for about 5 seconds to shut down the device.

• Long press the Power button to restart.

Method #2

• If the device has crashed and inoperable, open the phone back case.

• Remove the battery, and wait for 15 - 20 seconds.

• Reinsert the battery, then long press the Power button.

Warning: This can lead to data loss.

Hope the methods can help you reboot your Android, and non-smartphone effectively. Stay tuned for more guides on handy tech hacks.

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