Find out IMEI number-here's how to do it

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Each Phone or Smartphone has a "IMEI number ," through which it can be uniquely identified. You also need these if You want to buy mobile phone insurance. On Android, there are several Options to find out.

Check IMEI number via Android settings

The IMEI number is the so-called "International Mobile Equipment Identity " serial number. This consists of 15 Digits and serves to Uniquely identify every mobile Phone worldwide.

On Android, You can find out the Number very easily:

1.Go to the Settings of Your Smartphone.

2.Select the menu Item at the Bottom  "About the Phone " and then  "Status ."

3.In the List, You will also find the IMEI number, among other important Data.

Find out the Number about the Tax Code

1.Go to your Smartphone's phone app for This.

2.Type the Code * #06 # here. The IMEI number will then be displayed automatically.

Type * #06 #

Search Outside on your Smartphone

If Your Smartphone cannot be turned on, You can also find the Number on the Case Of the Device. In most Cases, You are on a Sticker under the Battery.

Find out IMEI number on iPhone

In our next Practice Tip, we'll show You how to find out the IMEI number on iPhone.

The Practice tip refers to Android 4.3 on a Samsung Galaxy S3 (CyanogenMod 10.2). For example, You can also use The Control codes to set your Mailbox. You can find out how this works in this Practice pass.


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