Find your zen: CHILLOUT guide for perfect home eating

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Staying in is the new way to relax now. Get delicious food easily with our guide for either individuals, friends or family.

Forget about going out, the crazy cost of restaurants and cafes, and the other common pitfalls that can plague a holiday. It’s all about relaxing the easy and cheap way.

And, we’re not just talking about instant noodles all day either. The fine art of staycation food has evolved far beyond that, folks.

1. Eat a well-balanced breakfast

Get fueled up for the day with a hearty breakfast. We recommend the Philips bread machine or the hot dog toaster  to make flavorsome bread, hot dog or toast.



Or if you love eggs for breakfast, there’s an easy way to do it now. You need an eggs cooker and steamer for a healthy breakfast.




Studies have shown that starting your day with one egg every morning will not increase your cholesterol. They’re a fabulous protein source with just the right about of calories to kickstart your system.


Breakfast was meant to be easy. The self-stirring mug is designed for lazy guys.

Make a cup of warm milk / coffee, and start your staycation day in leisure.






2. Time for some morning tea

Also named “little lunch” or “play lunch”, we think a cup of wholesome yogurt is a great healthy choice. With the fantastic RW TW-301A electric yogurt maker, you can make it from the comfort of your home. 


3. You deserve a delicious Lunch

Lunch is one of the most important meals of the day.

Fruits, together with vegetable salads and sandwiches are a great combination. Forget about takeout food, and get great results with the Vegetable cutter benliner  and automatic eggs hamburger maker.


4. Afternoon tea as a pick-me-up

Maybe you’re a little hungry and want a nice ice cooled drink, some fruit juice, or a nice snack at this time.

We have the ideal picks: the JJ16031 mini cake machine, the electric frozen fruit maker or a powerful Haier juicer to keep you in shape. 

5. All about Dinner

Try to eat a low-fat, lower calorie dinner without overindulging. A green salad, with a nice glass of fruit juice are great options.

Don’t eat anything three hours before sleeping to stay in tip top condition.


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