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Five easiest and fastest ways to download ebooks on your Kindle

ByOleg Romanenko 2019-02-15 1586

How to download ebooks on your Kindle. Five easiest and fastest ways to download ebooks on your Kindle. Downloading by cable, sending by email, downloading from the browser and other convenient ways.

 download ebooks on Kindle

Reader by Amazon supports many file formats, among which are DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML, as well as the most convenient MOBI and PDF. Common ePub and FB2 without prior conversion, unfortunately, the Kindle can not read. There are several ways to download books, either with or without a computer.

1. Copy via USB

The easiest and most obvious option. Do not need to register an Amazon account and the Internet connection. All you need is a computer and a cable.

1. Connect your Kindle to your computer with a cable.

2. Open Finder or "Explorer" and find the mounted removable disk called Kindle.

3. Navigate to the documents folder and drag the required books into it.

4. Remove the device.

5. Enjoy.

2. Import via Caliber

Like the previous method, this one does not require any registration. And thanks to the possibilities of Caliber, you can immediately convert books from incompatible formats.

1. Download the program from the official web site and install it on a Mac or PC.

2. Connect your Kindle to your computer with a cable and wait for Caliber to detect it.

3. If the books have not yet been imported into the library, add them by simply dragging them into the program window.

4. Highlight the desired items and click the "Send to device" button.

5. Enjoy.


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3. Sending via Send to Kindle

Another option for sending books from a computer. Connect the Kindle with a cable is no longer necessary, the content is synchronized with Wi-Fi. Account registration is required.

1. Download the application from the official web site and install it.

2. Launch and log in to your Amazon account.

3. Drag a book to the application window and select the devices to which it should be downloaded.

4. Click the Send button and wait for the download to complete.

5. Verify that Wi-Fi is enabled on your Kindle, and after a few seconds, the book will appear on your device.

6. Enjoy.

4. Sending to Kindle-mail

Another option is downloading via the Internet. Using a computer is optional. Any device will do, but you need a registered Amazon account.

1. Log in to your Amazon account by opening the official web site in a browser.

2. Click the Devices tab and find the device you want in the list.

3. Discover details and copy your Kindle's personal email.

4. Go to the Preferences tab and open the Personal Document Settings section.

5. Scroll to the very end and then push Add a new approved e-mail address button, add trusted addresses from which you are going to send books to Kindle.

6. Send to Kindle Email, which you learned in the third step, an email with the desired file in the attachment.

7. A couple of minutes after the Wi-Fi is turned on, the book will appear in the library.

8. Enjoy again.


5. Downloading via a browser

The most standalone option without the use of additional devices, applications and account. Books are downloaded directly from the built-in browser.

1. Open the menu and select "Experimental Browser".

2. Enter the library URL in the address bar. For example, gutenberg.org.

3. Locate the desired book and click the download link.

4. Confirm the download, and after a few seconds the book will appear on the Kindle screen.

5. And enjoy again.

That's all. I hope that these simple tips will help you quickly and easily download your favorite books to your device. Read, develop, enjoy your life!


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