Fix EKEN H9 4K action camera WIFI & micro SD card problems

ByZim Watson 2017-06-19 19115

Read what to do when you get the following notifications on your EKEN H9 4K action camera: "card error", "file error", "no card" and "WIFI NG!".
 "Card Error", "File Error", "No Card" notification
 "WIFI NG!" notification.


"Card/File Error", "No Card" notifications/micro SD card problem

EKEN H9 4K action camera Card/File Error

● The SD card may be loose, take it out and re-insert.

● The SD card may be damaged. Change to a new SD card and see if the problem resolves itself. It's a good idea to buy a branded high speed SD card like Samsung UHS-1 64GB Micro SDXC memory card, MIXZA TOHAOLL U3 64GB SDXC Micro SD memory card, or MIXZA TOHAOLL Ocean series 64GB Micro SD memory card.

SD card for EKEN H9 4K action camera

● Remember to format the new SD card before using it or the card won't work properly.

● If none of the above works, the card slot may be damaged. Please take it to a local digital product repair center to fix.


"WIFI NG!" notification/ WIFI problem

EKEN H9 4K action camera WIFI NG

● The most probable reason is poor WIFI signal. Look for an area with a better signal.

● Try turning off the camera's WIFI and turning it back on again.

● The camera's firmware may need to be updated.

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● If none of the above helps, there may be something wrong with the camera's WIFI components. Contact the after-sales service for help.

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