Fix heart rate monitor issue of Zeblaze ZeBand wristband

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Heart rate monitor is the most outstanding feature in Zeblaze ZeBand smart wristband, but there might be something wrong with the heart rate monitor function during your daily use. Fear not, we are here to help you out of this issue with detailed solutions.

ZeBand applies Elevate wrist optical heart rate technology, which can uninterruptedly monitor the heart rate, thus having your heartbeats at your fingertips to improve your health state.

Zeblaze ZeBand wristband

As a rule, heart rate measurement failure is mainly due to improper wearing manner. For example, the watch is not full contact with your wrist, the swing of your arms, the slight movement of wristband on your wrist. These all have an impact on the heart rate measurement. Similarly, wearing too tight, raising high your arms and making a fist will influence your blood circulation, thus preventing the Zeblaze ZeBand from measuring your heart rate.

The correct wearing manner is to lay flat your arm, relax and keep still, ensure that the wristband is making full, consistent contact with your wrist.

Notice: In the conditions of correct wearing, the individual differences about skin color, hair, tattoo, and scar, etc., also may have an influence on the heart rate signal.


The steps of heart rate measurement

Wearing your wristband properly (keep a finger width between the wristband and ulna), keep the heart rate sensor clinging to skin.

Zeblaze ZeBand wristband's heart rate measurement operation

Long press the heart icon to start testing your heartbeat, and the electric wave flashes in the heart icon, at the same time, the heart rate sensor light will be on.

Long press the heart icon on Zeblaze ZeBand wristband's screen

The heart rate is measured successfully until the heart rate number is displayed on the screen.

Zeblaze ZeBand wristband measures heart rate successfully

Notice: The heart rate testing data cannot be used as medical data. The time will be a little longer in the first time testing, which is normal.

If you have worn your wristband properly, but the issue persists, something might go wrong with the heart rate sensor. In this case, you should go to a local repair store to fix the sensor or contact our aftersales service to arrange a product return and factory repair.

Hope this short guide can address the heart rate measurement failure issue for you.

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