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Fix JJRC H31 RC drone motor and battery problems

ByZim Watson 2017-05-26 6104

The JJRC H31 RC drone motor makes strange noises? You don't know which motor should be installed on which location? The drone flying time's too short? Solutions are here for you.
 Don't know which motor should be installed on which location.
 The motor makes strange noises.
 The flying time's too short after a full charge.


Don't know which motor should be installed on which location.

1. There are two kinds of motors - the CW motor and CCW motor. Usually the CW motor features the blue and red cables, and the CCW motor features the black and white cables. The same color motors should be installed in the diagonal locations.


2. The adjacent motor spins in different directions, so you can also according this to judge which location matches which motor.


3. If you mixed up all the four motors, and cannot confirm the location (the front right corner/ left corner, or the back right corner/ left corner) to the first CW or CCW.


● You follow the above two ways to control the drone with transmitter to check whether the drone can fly as what you order it to. If yes, the motors are installed in the right location. If not, exchange the motor between the adjacent location, or the front and back location.


● The other way is directly contact the after-sales service to ask help from them. Compared with trying yourself, this is much easier and time-saving.

The motor makes strange noises.

1. The propeller may be broken.

Uninstall the propeller to check whether the noises disappear, if yes, the propeller is broken, simply change a new one for it (from the backup package, or buy a new JJRC H31 propeller).


JJRC H31 propeller

2. Maybe the shaft gear has something wrong.

If the noises remain, use a screwdriver to uninstall to remove the case, so that you can check the shaft gear's condition. If it's broken, you can change a new JJRC H31 drone gear for the motor.


JJRC H31 drone gear

3. The shaft gear is not installed well.

Also, you can check whether the shaft gear is not installed well with the motor's gear. If not, appropriately adjust them.


4. The gear needs to be lubricated.

You can try to add some lubricating oil into the gears.


5. There might be some foreign matters inside the gears.

Remove the motor protection case to clean them.

The flying time's too short after a full charge.

Generally, if the battery is fully charged, the JJRC H31 quadcopter can fly 8 to 10 minutes. But how long it exactly can fly is depending on how you use play with this toy. If you play with it with difficult movements and skills, sure the battery will consume faster than the general condition. Refer to following reasons:


1. The battery is going to run out.

This is the most possible reason. Just charge the battery to a full status, then have a test again.


● Please charge it to a USB port with its original USB cable. Wait until the cable's indicator lights with red light, the battery is full.


● Usually it takes about 60 minutes to fully charge an empty battery. If you only charge it for a short time after it drains, sure the battery can only save a little power inside, so that can only support the quadcopter flying for a short time.

2. The battery is damaged.

After a full charge, if you haven't flight it with complicated skills or movements, but the battery consumes still fast, the battery has some problems.


You can use an electric voltage tester to test the battery's voltage before and after a full charge, if the voltage has no changes or it is not about 4.3V, the battery is damaged. The normal voltage range of this battery is between 2.5V to 4.3V. You can change a new JJRC H31 battery for this drone.


electric voltage tester

3. The quadcopter has something wrong.

When the above two reasons are excluded, the quadcopter itself may have some problem, but that's too complicated to tell the reasons. So please contact the after-sales service, this drone needs to be sent back the factory to check and repair.


1. Please charge the battery with its original USB cable to a USB port. Do not charge it with a power charger on a socket. Otherwise, the battery is easy to be damaged.


2. When the battery drains, if it's heated, do not charge it immediately. Wait for half or one hour until it cools down, then you can charge it.


3. Do not charge it for a long time. When the USB cable's indicator lights, stop charging it. If you continue to charge it, the battery will be overcharged and the lifespan will be shortened.


4. Do not charge the battery too frequently, otherwise, the lifespan will be shortened.


5. Do not place the battery at any high temperature or humid environment.


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For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased the JJRC H31 RC drone from us, but the guide doesn't solve your issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.

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