Fix: Onda V80 Plus won’t read the micro SD card

ByZim Watson 2017-07-13 4614

What to do when your Onda V80 Plus tablet PC won’t read the SD card? Find solutions to your SD card problems right here.

Onda V80 Plus tablet PC

Your Onda V80 Plus tablet PC failing to detect the micro SD card or not recognizing the format of the micro SD card you are using is a definite inconvenience: you have no access to your data and won't be able to expand the tablet's storage capacity. Here come a few tips on how to resolve the issue.

The SD card may not be compatible with the Onda V80 Plus tablet. We suggest using an original branded SD card like Samsung Micro SD cards or the Maikou 64GB SDHC Micro SD card, MIXZA TOHAOLL ocean series 16GB Micro SD memory card, MIXZA TOHAOLL SDXC 32GB Micro SD memory card.

SD card

The tablet supports micro SD cards with the maximum capacity of 128GB, cards with larger capacity won't be recognized (you can use 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 64GB or 128GB micro SD cards with the tablet).

The SD card could be damaged. Try using the card with another device and see if it's detected. If the card is damaged, switch to a new SD card and try again.

When switching between two operating systems, make sure to remove the SD card first and then insert it when the other OS has loaded successfully.

There could be errors in the tablet's system. Try resetting the device. For Android, go to Settings and scroll down to Factory Reset. For Windows, go to Settings - Updates & security - Recovery - Reset this PC and press Get Started. Note that all your unbacked up data will be deleted during reset.

If the reset does not help, try updating the tablet's systems. Download the Onda V80 Plus firmware from its official website (note that the website is in Chinese only, follow the keywords and firmware date to download the latest version) and refer to this guide to flash it. If you are not sure how to perform the update, consult tech personnel at a repair center.

If none of the above helped resolve the situation and the micro SD card still can't be detected, the two remaining reasons are that either the tablet's SD card slot or the related hardware is damaged. In this case, the only way to resolve the problem is to take the tablet to a repair shop and contact the after-sales service for advice.

Onda V80 Plus tablet PC

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