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FIX the top 6 reasons why your robot cleaner is on the rampage

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Robot Cleaners are marvels of tech. But how do we deal with crazy ones that seem to have a mind of their own?
FIX the top 6 reasons why your robot cleaner is on the rampage

robot cleaner not working well

Here, we look at the 6 most common reasons for a robot cleaner seemingly gaining sentience. And the quick fix for each one.

1. Check the cleaning mode

● See if the cleaner is still in spot clean mode.

● If it’s not, remove the battery from the RC and restart the cleaner.

2. See if there is an obstruction

● Carefully check around and under the bumper.

● Press it with both hands, and see if there are foreign bodies stuck.

3. Even a robot needs to adapt

● A cleaner can be operated by RC first.

● Let it get familiar with the domestic environment.

● Or allow the robot to clean every room one by one to adapt to the new environment and recycling operation more than three times.

● This allows it to completely adapt to the new environment and work well.

4. Check the side brushes and the wheels

● If there is hair or threads entangled on the wheels, carefully remove them.

● Be sure not to tangle more on to the wheels.

check robot cleaner's side brush and wheel

5. Check the sensors

● Ensure the sensors' light (when the robot is powered on) can be seen from a phone camera.

check robot cleaner's sensor

6. Be careful with gradients

● The robot may become stuck when transitioning from hard floor to carpet.

● Please ensure the height difference between the hard floor and carpet is no more than 15mm.

robot cleaner becomes stuck when cleaner carpet

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