Flying High | 4 quick tips to choose your drone RC Transmitter

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Selecting the correct RC controller is an extremely important decision since it has such a massive impact on your flying experience.

Here are 4 crucial issues you should consider carefully before you purchase a new transmitter (Radio Transmitter/RC Controller): the number of channel, mode, frequency and price.

how to choose RC transmitter

1. Channel

Simply put, the number of channels determines how many individual actions on the aircraft can be controlled. Each channel refers to a particular frequency the transmitter and the receiver use to communicate with each other.

A four channel (4CH) controller is, by far, the most common one in the market. For example, a four channel transmitter will allow you to control four types of movements:

Channel 1: Throttle

Channel 2: Yaw (rotating left and right)

Channel 3: Pitch (leaning or pitching forward and backward)

Channel 4: Roll (leaning or rolling left and right)

Experience shows that seven to nine channels are more preferable for a better flying experience. However, this is not appropriate for beginners, although it is more suitable for some specialist or enthusiast level pilots.

We highly recommend choosing a more standard 4 channel controller for practicing.

2. Modes

An RC transmitter has two modes: mode 1 and mode 2. The mode basically decides which features of the drone you will be controlling with each of your hands.

Mode 2 is more popular than mode 1. Which one you choose will depend on your individual preference.

Mode 1:

Your right hand will be controlling throttle and the ailerons while your left hand will control the elevators and the rudder.

Mode 2:

You will be using your right hand to control the elevators and ailerons and your left hand to control throttle and the yaw.

3. Frequency

RC transmitters are available at different frequencies, such as 27MHz, 40MHz, 60MHz, 1.3GHz, and 2.4GHz, etc.

2.4GHz is the currently the most common frequency for small remote control drones and vehicles. You will see this listed with almost every popular quadcopter availale.

The frequencies used for radio and video should not be the same, otherwise, they will interfere with each other.

Furthermore, the frequency used for video should always be much higher than the frequency used for radio control.

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4. Price and budget

The price of the controller may cost anywhere from several dollars to several thousand dollars. You need to select the one appropriate for your skill level and your interest in your hobby.

If you have no previous experience, then we definitely recommend choosing a four channel controller for easier control while it can also satisfy all your RC needs.

However, if you are serious about your aircraft and want to get one with a GPS function, then you will need eight channels (or more) controller.

Moreover, it is important to balance the quality and affordability when purchasing the transmitter. Such as this high-powered FlySky FS - TH9X 2.4G 9 channels transmitter which is appropriate for expert skill level player.

That's all for now

It's a common question for RC beginners - how to choose the right RC transmitter. Hoping that this post will be of assistance! Happy flying!


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