FPV monitors and FPV goggles: which one to choose

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When you want to fly your FPV, you often come to a fork: flying through FPV Goggles or FPV Monitors?

If you're still hesitating, this guide will talk about FPV monitor and FPV goggles, and help you to decide which one to buy.

FPV monitors

An FPV monitor is actually inexpensive and small - from 7" to 10" LCD screen. You can easily and clearly see what your quadcopter camera is recording, and take pictures or videos accurately.

One thing you should remember about the select monitor that it is not provided with the auto blue screen feature that pops on whenever the video signal gets weak.

Generally speaking, FPV monitors usually have the following pros and cons:

+ Inexpensive, several people can view one at once, give you an overall situational awareness

- Hard to see in strong sunlight day

FPV goggles

FPV goggles like Fat Shark are made up of head mounted goggle system along with built-in lenses and little screens. Using goggles is just like watching a virtual large TV screen from several meters away.

You may ask: If I wear glasses, can I use goggles?

Well, only those who are short-sighted need to worry about this problem, short-sighted people can try to insert some diopter lenses to use goggles.

If your budget is limited, FPV headsets (with a small LCD screen placed in a box too keep the light out, that you wear on your melon.) is a low cost viewing option but still similar to FPV goggles.

In general, FPV goggles have the following pros and cons:

+ More immersive, lighter, more portable, uses less battery, smaller, block out sunlight

- May get a little queasy feeling

Goggles or Monitor for viewing FPV

Now you may have a general idea about the advantages and disadvantages of FPV monitors and FPV goggles: but everyone has its own preference, you can make your own choice according to the pros and cons analysed above.

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