Front-load washing machine vs top-load washing machine: waht's the difference?

ByCrawford Hankinson 2019-12-31 1178

As two common types of washing machines, top-load washing machine and front-load washing machine are inevitably compared all the time. The top-load washing machine, as its name implies, uses the disc wheel to make the water form a turbine, which drives the clothes to be rubbed to achieve cleanliness; the front-load washing machine is designed to imitate the principle of hitting clothes with a hammer. So what's the difference between a top-load washing machine and a front-load washing machine? Which of these two models is more suitable for family use?

1. The degree of power consumption

Users who have ever used front-load and top-load washing machine will know that front-load washing machine needs to rely on acquired remedy-hot water washing because its congenital cleaning rate is lower than that of top-load top-load washing machine. So the whole process of the top-load top-load only needs to be washed with cold water, and the front-load washing machine also has a step of heating the water in the laundry process, so it goes without saying that the energy consumption of the heating tube. Therefore, from the point of view of power consumption, the top-load top-load has an obvious advantage.

2. Price 

Price is a measure that directly reflects the value of goods. at present, the price of front-load washing machines sold on an e-commerce platform is about 3700, while the price of top-load washing machines is about 1600. It can be seen that the price of front-load washing machine is more than twice that of top-load washing machine, so in terms of price, top-load washing machine has an advantage. & nbsp;

3. Practicality

The opening position of the top-load top-load washing machine is at the top, and the opening position of the front-load washing machine is horizontal, so the top-load top-load washing machine is more space-saving in terms of local occupancy; thanks to the relatively simple structure of the top-load top-load and the relative ease of maintenance, in contrast, the front-load is relatively complex in structure and difficult to maintain, and in addition, the washing time of the front-load washing machine is longer than that of the top-load top-load. In fact, there is no better or worse in this round, it all depends on consumers' attitude towards laundry, which is an open question.

4. The degree of clothing care

As the working principle of the top-load washing machine itself is to remove stains by rubbing against each other, it also has a considerable impact on the wear and tear of clothes. On the other hand, the washing principle of the front-load washing machine is hit by throwing, so the loss rate of clothing is relatively small. Therefore, in general, if the use of clothing is relatively casual, it is better to use top-load top-loads, while for some precious or cherished clothes, it is better to use rollers.

5. Water consumption

Because of the difference between the working principle of the top-load top-load and the front-load, the purpose of the top-load top-load is to simulate manual scrubbing, so it requires water to completely immerse the clothes, while the front-load cleans the clothes through steps such as beating the clothes through the lifting tendons in the inner cylinder. relatively speaking, it is possible to use less water. From the point of view of water consumption, the front-load has an advantage. & nbsp;

Editor's reminder

As a matter of fact, there are advantages and disadvantages between top-load top-loads and front-load washing machines, and there is no absolute winner. There is a Libra in the selection of washing machines and even electronic products. There is no good, cheap, power-saving and practical products, only relatively according to their own situation, make a certain choice, find the most suitable washing machine is enough. & nbsp;

The above is about the difference between top-load washing machine and front-load washing machine, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!

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