Get home movie magic: turn your phone into a photo projector

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An LCD digital projector may cost a bundle, but there’s a cheaper way to get one. What's a photographer to do when they are looking for a larger picture?

how to turn your phone into a photo projector

Here we'll show you how to turn your phone into a photo projector for a very low cost. The project is so easy and simple – at the same time, it's also very fun and cool!

A phone based projector is a great way to show off your mobile photos. Just imagine lying in bed browsing your feed or watching a movie on a ginormous screen.

Besides, a projector provides a new way of looking at your shots, and at a very, very low cost. Who can afford not to try this project?

Materials you need:

● Shoe box

● Paperclip


● Magnifying glass or a large aperture lens

● X-acto knife or similar

● Electrical or black duct tape

● Matte black spray paint or black paper (optional)

Now let's begin.

Step 1: trace a hole on the box

A shoe box or similar with dark walls will work great for your DIY projector. Trace the outer edge of your lens or magnifying glass onto one of the short sides of the box.

Step 2: cut a hole in the box

Cut out the inside of the circle you just traced. Try not to cut too much to avoid light leaking. At the back of your box, cut a small hole for your phone's power cable.

Step 3: attach the lens

If your magnifying glass has a handle, remove it first, then stick the lens onto the porthole. Line up your lens with the hole and apply tape around the entire edge of your lens.

Make sure your lens is held securely and there are no holes around the tape for light to escape.

Step 4: make a stand

Make a stand for your phone so that it can be mounted at the perfect angle to project.

Step 5: flip your screen

When light passes through a lens, it gets flipped, which means the picture from your projector will come out upside down. So make sure that the image on your phone is upside down and lateral inverted.

Step 6: finding focus

Unlike LCD projectors, this DIY projector has no focus ring. So you have to find focus manually: just position your phone in its stand near the back of the box and walk forwards or backwards until your image starts to come into focus.

Step 7: don't fight the light

Turn the screen brightness of your phone all the way up and turn the room lights down. This is for the best viewing.

And now you have made your own projector. Enjoy the great viewing experience.

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