Gift shopping guide | For the one you love on double 11

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Double 11, known as China's Singles' Day is about gifting yourself.

special giftAlso known as China's Singles' Day (Guanggun Jie), single men and women in China celebrate being single. Then, in 2009, the online retail giant, Alibaba, adopted the day to promote online shopping sale.

November 11th has gone on to become one of the largest online shopping days in the world. Based on online retail metrics, the online revenue generated is 8 times more than Black Friday in the USA.

We know buying for the fairer sex can sometimes be difficult so we put together this handy guide of some gift items that any girl would love to have.

Ready for gifting for your girlfriend, wife or unrequited love? They will be REALLY amazed by your gift on Singles' Day.

Pricey gifts that will impress

Still don't know buy which gift for your girl? Here is a gift list for you:

Gifts for Tech Lovers

1. RC quadcopter

RC quadcopter

2. Camera

Camera as gift

3. Self balancing scooter

Self balance scooter

4. Watch

smartwatch as gift

Gifts for Beauty Lovers

1. Diamonds

We would like to suggest you that you should go for something involving diamonds if you have a good budget. Girls always have a special kind of attraction towards diamond.

ALWAYS note the shape of the stone and metal color or type.


2. Perfume

As you know girls love to smell good. Nothing makes a woman feel more attractive than perfume; we suggest a branded perfume set.



3. Bags

bag for girlfriend

4. Wallet

We can promise that she will think of you every time she reaches for her wallet.

wallet as gift

5. Skin care set

It will make an impression on her mind that you care for her and her beauty. We're confident she will be happy.

Wallet-friendly gifts

1. Roses

Roses are always a safe gift. Roses symbolize love, making them the perfect any time gift for someone you love.


2. A case for her phone

3. Handmade gift

Anything you make for her will be a surprise gift for her. Well, it's not for all guys.

Handmade gift

Eg: a greeting card

a greeting card


1. DON'T ask her what she wants. She would be happy with the gifts you chose, not something she asked for.

2. Make sure you know her tastes before buying something like clothing or jewelry. ALWAYS keep the receipts with wearable gifts, so that she can exchange your gift for something that suits her better.

3. Consult her friends when in doubt. Consider running your choice by her close friends before you buy because they know what her taste is better than you do.


You don't need to give an extravagant gift to your beloved one. Showing that you put your mind to the present is OK. I hope these general suggestions would help you plan some gifts for her.


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