GoPro Hero 8 Black cannot turn on, how to fix it?

ByAdan Flannigan 2019-10-01 13344

GopPro Hero 8 is GoPro has released the newest lineup of GoPro action GoPro Hero 8 on October 1. The service of GoPro Hero 8 Black is also very good. However, what should you do if something is wrong, for example if the GoPro Hero 8 does not turn on? If the GoPro Hero 8 does not turn on, this may be due to an error with the GoPro Hero 8 itself, the battery or the SD card. You can try to solve this yourself.

GoPro Hero 8

How do you solve this?

The GoPro Hero 8 will no longer turn on, even though you try to turn it on using the 'On' button or to charge the GoPro Hero 8. You can solve this problem by removing the battery and replacing it. If the GoPro Hero 8 is turned on again using this solution, the GoPro Hero 8 was 'frozen' and will now work again. Next time, make sure that the GoPro Hero 8 does not deflate completely by charging it in time. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Remove any accessories, the battery and remove the SD card from the GoPro Hero 8.

Step 2: Replace only the battery.

Step 3: Press the button to turn on the GoPro Hero 8.

Step 4: You can replace the accessories and the SD card and use the GoPro Hero 8.

If replacing the battery does not work

The GoPro Hero 8 will no longer turn on, even though you have already tried to replace the battery. The Hero 8 was not 'frozen' and you will have to try another solution. An error with the Hero 8 Black could be the SD card. An SD card - Secure Digital card - is a memory card on which photos and movies are stored. It is possible that the SD card is interfering and needs to be formatted. Formatting is the software-based classification of a hard disk in sectors. The content is also emptied. Formatting is necessary in order to be able to describe a disk. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Insert the SD card into the card reader of your computer and go to 'this computer (start > computer) or my documents, or Windows Explorer.

Step 2: Here you can see a list of storage devices, including your SD card under "removable storage".

Note: this will delete all recorded content on the SD card. If you want to save the files, save them on your computer first.

Step 3: Once the SD card has been formatted, insert it back into the action camera and try turning it on.

If formatting the SD card does not work

The GoPro Hero 8 does not turn on when it was not frozen and the SD card was working correctly. The battery may have been completely discharged to the point where it can no longer be properly charged. You can try to remove the battery from the Hero 8, replace it and charge the action camera including the battery. You do not turn the GoPro 8 on while charging, so as not to interfere with the process. Follow the next steps:

Step 1: If the action camera does not turn on, remove/replace the battery and charge the GoPro 8 via a USB charger or your computer. Do not turn the it on while charging.

Step 2: You should see the red LED on the front of the Hero 8 Black. If you do not see it, try another USB cable or USB port.

Step 3: As soon as the red light turns off, connect the GoPro Hero 8 from the USB and turn the it on.

If the battery was not completely empty

If the GoPro Hero 8 does not turn on while you have tried to defrost or recharge the battery, and you have formatted the SD card, then the problem may also be in the battery itself. You will need to replace the battery (temporarily) to make sure that the Hero 8 can be turned on again. Follow the next steps:

Step 1: If the GoPro Hero 8 still does not turn on, take a battery from another GoPro Hero 8 that does.

Step 2: Replace the 'bad' battery with the 'good' battery.

Step 3: Charge the battery in the GoPro Hero 8 using the GoPro USB cable.

Step 4: Once charging, the red LED on the front of the GoPro Hero 8 should light up in no more than a few minutes.

Step 5: If you don't see it burning, try another USB cable and a USB port or charger.

Step 6: As soon as the front red LED lights up, press the 'On' button firmly.

Step 7: You can also charge the 'bad' battery and possibly use it again for the GoPro Hero 8.

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