GPS Tracker FAQ - shipping, LBS location, mileage data problem

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Here, we'll list the top 2 defects of GPS Tracker - shipping, LBS location, mileage data and something else. Hopefully, these solutions can help you before you buy a GPS tracker.

Q: Why the mileage data on the monitor platform is different from the actual mileage data?

A: The running statistics on the monitor platform depends on the location data uploaded by the locator, it will be influenced by signal, environment, malfunction, etc.

Q: Why does the newly installed locator show I am in another place and the status is "offline"?

A: What you see is the previous location data because the GPS location data is not uploaded to the server yet.

Q: Why does the LBS location move to another place which is very far away?

A: The LBS location depends on the accuracy and consistency of LBS and Google map, you have to wait for Google updates.

Q: What else should I prepare after buying this GPS tracker?

A: Prepare a SIM card and a mobile phone, your SIM card must have network connection.

Q: I just paid the phone bills but why does the locator still show "offline" status?

A: The service provider will re-activate the communication function of your SIM card in 24 hours.

Q: Can this item be shipped to my country?

A: We can deliver orders to any country. For a detailed explanation about each shipping method, destination and approximate delivery time, please check our website: click here.

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