H9 Ultra HD action camera firmware flash guide

ByZim Watson 2017-04-21 6998

When you met system troubles on the H9 Ultra HD action camera, you can try to flash or update its firmware to solve the issues. This guide will show you how to flash the camera's firmware.

Step 1. Download the H9 Ultra HD action camera's firmware from our Gearbest blog on your PC. Uncompress the RAR file.

Step 2. Open the folder and copy the SPHOST.BRN file to your camera's TF card's root directory.

Step 3. Power off the camera and install the TF card into it.

Step 4. Power on the camera, then the camera will automatically enter the update mode, the "FW UPdata" notification will show on the screen. Wait until the camera's red status light extinguished, the update/flashing process is finished.

Step 5. Remove the TF card from the camera, then turn on the camera.

Step 6. Reset the camera before using.

● Press the camera's Power/Mode button (on the camera's front face) to switch to the Settings interface, then press OK button (on the camera's top surface) to enter it.

● Press the Up and Down buttons (on the camera's right surface) to locate the Reset option and press OK button to confirm it.

Reset H9 Ultra HD action camera


● Do download the right firmware, otherwise, a wrong firmware you download from other places may make the problem more serious.

● Make sure the camera has at least 50% battery, or directly connect it to a power source to prevent the camera shutting off during the flashing process.

● The update/flash file must be copied to the TF card's root directory.

● Format the TF card before the flashing, and the card should have minimum 8GB storage. You'd better choose a good quality branded TF card.

● The flashing process usually takes minimum 3 minutes. Do not do any operation during the updating/flashing procedure.

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