Hail to the BBQ king: 10 delicious tips on mastering the grill

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Now that fall is here, it's time to get outside and BBQ. Become a PRO on the grill in no time with our Top 10 barbecue tips.
Hail to the BBQ king: 10 delicious tips on mastering the grill

What's that? You're a rookie to grilling?

You have no clue about how to start a barbecue?

Well, have no fear. It's not as complicated as it looks. Get ready to become a BBQ King.

1. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Your grill needs your full attention for the best results. Even the most casual barbecue needs some preparation.

Gather all your tools, ingredients, seasoning and sort them before things get going. That way you're ready for optimum barbecuing conditions.

2. Get a BBQ grill first

A good and clean grill is the prerequisite to cook a tasty barbecue feast. Choose a proper one based on who will be attending.

This drawer type grill is foldable, saving space and it's easy to carry anywhere. The vents design on the sides and bottom also makes it easier to burn.

The perfect way to enjoy alfresco cooking and dining!

BBQ Charcoal Grill

3. Prepare your pair of tongs

Tongs are what you need to for turning food over – they are essential.

Stabbing with a fork or knife will cause essential flavor juices to be lost, and will likely cause you to have more to clean after.

With an ergonomic design and a plastic handle, these stainless steel tongs easily protect your hands from scalding. They're also easy to clean afterwards with a polished finish.

4. Become an expert at lighting the coal

Have you spent a long time trying to light the coals quickly? Do it the easy way.

Here a special BBQ fan air blower will quickly become your new best friend. With this amazing device, you will start a fire like a pro just by turning the plastic crank round and round.

Such a handy tool makes lighting any BBQ fire a breeze. Get those coals glowing faster than ever.

BBQ Fire Gun

5. Get even more fired up

A big BBQ mistake is often cooking too early, usually because everyone is staring at you with hunger in their eyes!

Make sure the grill is at the right temperature for the best grilling results. The optimum time to start cooking is when you can barely hold your hand just above the coals.

6. Invest in wood chips

Want to add a subtle and savory flavor to your food? Just use wood chips, such as oak or hickory, with the smoldering charcoal.

You can pick up flavored wood chips to throw in with your briquettes. This will literally take your food to the next level.

7. Where food goes on the grill

The direct heat grill zone is ideal for sturdy portions like beef, firm tofu, lamb, pork and patties which can weather the flames.

Thick slices of vegetables like eggplant, pepper, and onions also do great in the main zone as well.

Use indirect heat zones to grill delicate proteins like chicken and fish. Place less sturdy vegetables around the grill edges to prevent burning and overcooking.

grill delicate proteins

8. Manage your seasoning like a boss

A lot of seasoning is needed for taste, so don't forget to prepare your sauce. But first remember to use plenty of olive oil in the process.

If you don't want your food to look burnt on the outside and raw inside, apply sauce near the end of the cooking time and spread the sauce evenly with a BBQ brush.

BBQ oil brush

9. Stop flipping

Don't flip out. Meat should ideally only be flipped once during the entire cooking process, not a hundred times.

Cook thoroughly on one side before turning over. This will help ensure the meat inside is cooked properly for maximum flavor.

10. Give it a rest

As tempting as it is, the rule of thumb is to let any meat rest for roughly half the time it takes to cook.

Covering in foil will help to lock the heat in; letting the meat rest means that juice won't go everywhere when you cut into it.

Done correctly, a delicious barbecue is an incredible culinary experience. To get there, be sure you have the correct BBQ accessories.

To make life simple, you can purchase a handy set of barbecue tools, these can meet the demands of any BBQ so you won't have to break a sweat.

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