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How do girls wear or match skirts in winter?

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-22 5644

In winter, the most taboo is upper and lower clothing scale unclear. The long legs of the one-meter-two gold ratio and wear the jackets without the waistline are turned into 1 meter. So in the winter, if you want to be beautiful, you must have high waist and long legs.

Skirt part

Following are some introduction to women's skirts.Skirts are mainly divided into high waist long skirt and High waist A skirt.

1. High waist long skirt

Search keyword: fluffy skirt

Recommended material: wool / cashmere

Recommended style: pleated, fishtail, umbrella skirt

Best length: above the ankle, below the calf

High waist skirt 

Short, buttocks, thighs thick, shank short girl savior here! Fluffy skirt is better for winter than chocolate for rainy days. It covers meat, keeps warm and keeps out wind. With the two years of retro wind blowing back, the acceptance of the public is very high. A girl with a mental aura can become a goddess. If you don't have an aura, you can wear a literary style.

Suitable matching blouse can be a thicker shirt. It has retro abstinence, looking super comfortable.

Striped short jacket improves sight. It can help you disguise as college students and literate youth.

Solid color knitted coat. The first choice for warmth, especially cashmere, full of high-level feeling, comes with low-key burning property. 

Why are some girls always unable to manage a long skirt?

● Skirt length must be pinched to reveal the smallest part, usually ankle up 5-10 cm.

Girls wear too short to expose their calves. Too long to cover the ankles, winter looks like bread. 

● Too loose or large skirt will make people show short. Short girls don't touch; increase the cross-sectional area will naturally show fat.

● A color that is too high in saturation can be spread over your legs to give you a wonderful sense of vision in a tablecloth.

2. High waist A skirt

Search keyword: high waist A skirt

Recommended material: woolen / velvet

Recommended style: trim, strap, small fish tail

Optimum length: 10cm above knee

High waist A skirt 

Compared with umbrella skirts that cover their buttocks and are unable to withstand the wintertime wind, a skirt is more suitable for a wide range of body types. Most Asian women exercise less, their meat is concentrated in their buttocks and thighs, and the 10cm's length above the knee just covers the thickest part. High waist also can camouflage half body proportion, showing leg is long. And more mature than the umbrella skirt, less frivolous than the breech skirt. So wearing a skirt is not easy to make a mistake.

So wearing a skirt is not easy to make a mistake. Choose a white or other bright coat. The dress is best matched with bottom pants and shoes, such as black, super-legged, wearing a coat, leaking the junction of the top and skirt, and camouflaging the waistline.

A black bodice. With bottom pants a color, the skirt can be a bright color, as a brightening part, to make the temperament livelier.

Length is the point. 10cm on the leg or look in the mirror, and find the finer position of the thigh. Make a record as a reference for skirt length selection.

Contrary to the flute dress. Because the coverage area is small, in winter the overall clothing tone unified situation, is very suitable as the bright spot, concentrates the line of sight. So you can choose a warm tone (not a high saturation color), or with geometric patterns.

The waist must be high. Make sure it looks like a one-and-a-half meter long leg is enough.

Shoe Part

The shoes are well chosen, and the legs are not short (forcible symmetry). Sneakers will not recommend running shoes, after all, expensive and not match every thing. If the weather your place is cold, UGG is recommended. How to keep warm how to wear, in fact, long skirt with UGG, will really make you feel hot and sweat.

1. Pointed high heel boots

Search keyword: skinny boots;

Recommended material: leather

Recommended style: Chelsea boots / V (U) boots

Optimum height: 5-8cm

Pointed high heel boots 

The so-called height is not enough, the heel comes to help, if the leg length is insufficient, the high heel comes to help. As a Corkien, as long as I don't go out for a run, my shoes are always with me in winter, including snow boots (one thing is called invisible high insole). It is to reduce the heavy clothes brought about by the short feeling of fat. As skirt control, there is nothing more attractive than high heels.

Chelsea boots, always occupy the fashion blogger shoe cabinet in the first place. It is characterized by low heel, round shoe head, no laces, high to ankle. The shoe is made of different leather materials before and after, using side elastic belt to tighten the boot. It is easy to wear and off, suitable to rush off class (class), wearing shopping is not tired.  Kids with too short legs and thick stomachs should give up. It doesn't help you look thin. But to some extent, the leg shape can be modified to make the calf look straighter.

Chelsea boots 

V (U) boots was recommended by the little girls, and the shoe cabinet is necessary. The U-shaped design reveals more legs, especially the thinnest part of the ankle, with a proper heel height. A proper increase in the leg 10cm, and a slim appearance. Matching long skirts to achieve the best state of water solution blending.

V (U) boots 

Why do you never look good in your boots?

Chose a boot with a round head and thick soles. The round head is bulky, the thick soles are even more stupid. After all, models wear a brick are all good-looking. But you can't ah, boy choose pointy! When searching shoes first hit sharp two words, the door of the new world opened!

The length of the boots is stuck in the thick legs. Buy either a short ankle boot or a U-shaped boot. Or pointed Oxford shoes exposed ankles will extend the visual length of the leg.

Color is not uniform. Boots are long and choose the contrasting color of bottom pants. You don't have short legs, whose legs are short? Black bottom pants wear black boots, only when the back of the foot exposed 1 / 3 and above can choose a more intense contrast color!

2. Sports shoes

Search keyword: small white board shoes

Recommended brand: vanc/ clover

Recommended style: plain white board shoes / black high top canvas shoes

Optimum height: 2-3cm

)Sports shoes 

When it comes to comfort, it's just sports shoes. And it can neutralize the soft feeling of skirts. It is absolutely straightforward. neutral girls wearing skirts must have one pair.

A small white clover shoe. The Classics in Classics. It is not as thick as NB's running shoes. It is not as thin as canvas shoes that can't stand the wind in winter. Wearing it with a dark color can appear lively.

Black top canvas shoes. Never out of date, super random. As long as wearing black bottom pants close to the calf, you will not show leg short and fatness. To some extent, it can correct the leg not straight defects.

Black top canvas shoes. 

Mistakes that is easy to make in wearing sports shoes

Too thick. Fashion bloggers die to show their ankles and wrists in order to neutralize the bloated feeling.

No ankles. There is no u-type gap on the side of the selected sports shoe. Both in the front and side, the legs are short.

3. Snow boots / knee boots

Either of these boots is suitable only for short skirts, otherwise it is easy to show shortness. You can add high insoles in your snow shoes. Maybe 3cm is enough.

knee boots 

If a long skirt with bare shins is cold, there is also an advanced way to wear canvas shoes, long and wide-footed trousers. It's okay to wear cotton pants and down pants inside.


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