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How does mobile gyroscope works in your cell phone?

ByGB Blog Official 2017-09-27 9329

The gyroscope is also known as an angular velocity sensor, differ from the G-sensor, mobile gyroscope measures rotational velocity when the device in deflection and incline. Only using the G-sensor can not measure or reconstruct a complete 3D action, but can detect axial linear motion.

mobile gyroscope

While gyroscope can make a good measurement of the rotation and deflection, therefore, it can reconstruct the real action after accurate analysis, and then do some operation according to the gesture.

The application of gyroscope in smartphone

Thus mobile gyroscope has the ability of detecting orienatation, it can help you while using the device.

Motion-sensing GUI

By tilting or deflecting slightly to select menus you want. For instance, tilting the phone front or back to rotate the contact list.

Answer phone/open website

Rotating, gently shaking the phone 2 to 3 times to control answering the phone or open website.

Image stabilization

When taking photos, the image stabilization prevents the hand trembles from affecting the image quality. It can record and feedback the actions to image sensor when pressing the shutter, helping to catch more clear and stable pictures.


Image stabilization

GPS-inertial navigation

There is no GPS signal when the car travels to tunnels or tall buildings, it can continue to navigate by the gyroscope.

Motion-sensing control game

Supplying more creative space for the APP developers. The developer can control the game via the action detection (mobile actions are within the 3D area). For example, take your phone to a steering wheel, your phone screen as a flying fighter, as long as you up and down it, the plan can do the same movements.


play motion-sensing control game


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