How Mi Drop works: The Xiaomi app to send files without internet between any mobiles

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Mi Drop, a free tool developed by Xiaomi that integrates seamlessly into MIUI but works independently. Anyone who wants to try it, have a Xiaomi or not, you can download it from the Play Store.

Let's see how it works and why we think Mi Drop is worth it. Certainly a pleasant surprise from a manufacturer who convinces us again when we thought we had seen everything.

What is Mi Drop?

Mi Drop is an application to send files between mobiles. There are dozens of applications that allow us to do something like this but the interesting thing about Mi Drop lies in several features that make it hard to find.

Mi Drop

On the one hand is its simplicity, ordered menus and a pretty clear design that even the least accustomed to technology will know how to use. On the other hand Mi Drop works offline and is surprisingly fast.

Until you don't prove it, you don't realize it. Mi Drop promises speeds up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth. It is a biased statement because the speed of Bluetooth decreases with distance and has improved greatly with the latest specifications BT 4.0 and BT 5.0.

When you start the application we have two large circular buttons. One of them to send and another to receive. To send files between one and another mobile will require that both have installed the application of Mi Drop, but will not need to be connected to the Internet.

In the mobile we want to send we give the blue button and we want to receive in the green. The next step is to choose the files to send: Be it images, videos, music, applications or other types of files. Mi Drop supports multiple selection so it is very useful to spend a lot of photos. Once click will go to find users of Mi Drop nearby.

Once you have chosen the files or photos on the other person's mobile you will skip the notice that we want to pass certain files and what is their size. If we accept the transfer will start and end in a jiffy. Even to make the catches we had to be quick.

These shipments can be interrupted at any time but Mi Drop allows you to reset them. Although we will reach speeds of up to 10MB/s so we do not think they cut in half except if there are many images or is a heavy video file.

What technology does Mi Drop use?

How is it possible that Mi Drop can send files at this speed without the Internet? It works in a similar way to what they do for a few years now apps like Airdrop, ShareIt or Xender, which do not need Internet, neither data nor Bluetooth.

Mi Drop uses WiFi Direct, a technology that creates a Wi-Fi zone that creates a direct link between the devices. That is, it takes advantage of WiFi technology but not to access the Internet but to create a private network between the two mobiles. Thanks to this you get much higher speeds than the Bluetooth. Here we can say that this latest technology will be used to detect the presence of the second mobile. Once that existence is known, then the network is created to send the files.

A simple, practical application that does not need internet and also has no advertising. Xiaomi returns to offer us a very good service and this time we will not even need to buy one of their mobiles.


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