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How much do you really know about headphones?

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A quick and comprehensive guide of headphones.

In-ear headphones

They are also known as earbud headphones.

In-ear headphone

● Upside

Cheap price

Small, lightweight, portable

Good quality

● Downside

Hurtful design

Poor fit and fall out

Miserable at blocking outside noise

On-ear headphones

They are called supra-aural headphones because they cover your ear canals. They have a closed back and suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

On-ear headphone

● Upside



Easy-to-wear design

● Downside

Foam padding on ear-cups can get moist due to ear sweating

Due to the open design they offer poor noise isolation outdoors

Over-the-Ear Headphones

Also known as circumaural headphones, closed-back headphones, earcup headphones, full-size headphones, they have ear cups that enclose the entire ears. Comfortable to wear for a long period of time as the diaphragm is far from the ear padding.

Over-the-Ear Headphones

Thanks to this design the sound stage is marvelous, creating space for sound to reflect naturally. These types of headphones come in two categories-closed back headphones and open back headphones.

Closed back over-ear headphone

Closed back headphones are more popular among average day consumers. They dampen the outside noise and once you turn on your music, it eliminates outside noise completely, offering excellent noise isolation. Due to the closed nature of these headphones, prolonged use can cause ear sweating.

Open back over-ear headphone

They are similar to closed back headphones; however there is a major design difference. Closed Back Headphone block outside noise, but open back headphones allow outside ambient noise to enter inside your ear cans. They are usually used in studio.

● Upside

Excellent sound stage and sound quality

Provide surrounding sound


● Downside

Bulky Design

Not meant for outdoor use, prolonged outdoor use can cause neck pain

Heat on the ears

Wireless/Bluetooth headphones

Wireless headphones are the most common among consumers. And the most popular format for transmitting wireless music is Bluetooth.

Bluetooth earphone

● Upside


No messy wires

● Downside


Poor sound quality

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