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How to Add, Remove and Reorganize Items to your Mac 's Dock?

ByMatthieu Andre 2019-02-25 1981

Your windows are freezing or you can't even access to your files? Since Apple constantly keep improving their Applications, a specific launch bar "Mac's Dock" was launched to help iOs users in their activities. Faster, smoother, and smarter, it became one of the most popular iOs APPs due to its various features. So, let's have a close look on how to add, remove and reorganize items to your Mac's Dock.

a specific launch bar Mac Dock 

1. How the recent documents stack works?

Developed by Apple, the dock is a quickest way to smoother your programs with your mouse cursor. Indeed, visible by your bottom screen, your documents stack on iOs provide a full list of your recent documents which you can easily open again. Because it features a convenient bar menu with shortcuts, synchronization of your programs will be much faster causing no error system. Renowned as one of the best launch pads on iOS devices, you can either add your documents or customize your recent documents stack to the dock.


Compared to Windows system, your documents are auto-populated meaning you can easily track your programs down and backup them. Not exhaustive, the dock allow you to open all your recent Applications, documents, servers, set your favorite volume and items by either clicking or command-clicking. Therefore, iOs offer a new way of opening windows by developing a smart APP running all your documents stack added or customized as explained cf-below.

2. Add your documents to the Dock

Enabling a quick access on your programs with shortcuts, adding documents to the Dock may be easy since it requires few steps on your terminal APP. Configuration process and interface on iOs are much clearer by creating a New Smart Folder guiding you in the following steps. You will be able to add and stack all your documents wanted, and reopen them anytime with fluidity and smoothness. If you want to add your documents to your Dock, please follow the steps:

Step 1. Right click the Finder icon in your dock and select New Smart Folder.

select New Smart Folder 

Step 2. Click on the plus icon in the upper right of the viewing area.

Click on the plus icon 

Step 3. Select in the first column Last opened date in the search.

Step 4. Select in the second column within last by scrolling down.

Step 5.  Select in the third column either weeks, days months or years.

Select in the third column  

Step 6.  Click plus button to add another row to your Dock and select your criteria.

Click plus button to add another row to your Dock  

Step 7.  Hold down the Option Key to add search parameters.

Hold down the Option Key to add search parameters 

Step 8.  Select None in the second row.

Step 9.  Select Kind in the third row.

Step 10. Select the type of item you wish to exclude and save your New Smart Folder in the upper right.

save your New Smart Folder  

Step 11.  Select your Desktop as your location folder and Add to your Sidebar .

Select your Desktop as your location folder and Add to your Sidebar  

Step 12. Click Save.

Step 13.  Drag and drop the New Smart Folder to your dock from your desktop.

Step 14.  Right-click the Docked Smart Folder and Select Folder to see your recent folders added.

After you fully added your New Smart Folder, custom your settings if you want to perform your iOs to the maximum. Spanning different functions, it will save you time by customizing, removing and reorganizing all your files as explained cf-below.

3. Customize your recent documents stack

Once you added your documents stack to your dock, you can either customize your recent Applications, documents, servers, set your favorite volume or items by right-clicking on it.  A contextual menu will then appear displaying different kind of options for better smoothness, speed, and use.  


From this, you will be able to customize your recent document stack if you want to keep a well- balance and enjoy your activity on iOs. Reclassifying your folders and reopening windows in a smart way, you can quickly access to your favorite programs with shortcuts. But, make sure you added a new document to your Dock before right-clicking on it. However, if you are no longer interested in this document stack, or no longer use, you still can remove it by simply dragging out.

Wrap up

To conclude, iOs launched an innovative and smart APP making your document stack much faster and smoother. Easy to use, and operate, the sidebar to download before adding a new document stack offer different kind of options which you can filter and customize once you set up.


Matching easily your needs, the launch bar is an essential tool opening your windows and reclassifying your documents stack in a smart way. Your time management will be improved by different shortcuts so that you can enjoy your activity on iOs. Nevertheless, if you are no longer interested, you can drag them out.


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