How to apply the dark mode of Android 10 Q to all APPs on your phone?

ByJulio Ventura 2019-05-27 1730

Google's Android Q update officially introduces Dark Theme, a system-wide Android dark mode that users have been requesting for several years. How to apply the dark mode of Android 10 Q to all APPs on your phone?

There are few things more jarring than playing your phone in a dark environment and opening an App with a white background. That eye-melting burst of brilliant white can be downright painful. Google has heard the complaints and it’s acting on them by working a dark mode into Android 10 Q that not only protect our eyes but could also save phone battery life.

How to apply the dark mode of Android 10 Q to all APPs on your phone?

How to turn on dark mode of Android 10 Q to all Apps:

The settings menu and individual apps can go from light to dark, although it takes a little more work.

1.Turn the Settings menu of your Android phone, head to 'Display', look for the Advanced option at the bottom to expand this menu, click ' theme' (it should be the last option). Change from 'Light' to 'Dark'. The settings and notification menus will be in black mode.

2.Some individual apps like YouTube allow you to change into a dark mode too, even if you have Android Pie instead of Android 10 Q. You'll get a pop-up message nudging you to make the change at launch, or head to the settings menu of YouTube, Calendar or another dark mode supported app.

3.This process should be much simpler when Android Q launches in August and more apps natively support Dark Theme.

If your OS is Android 9.0 Pie, you’ll get a taste of dark mode, but most things still have white backgrounds. The dark mode only seems to impact the notification shade and the app drawer. To give your peepers a real treat, you need to upgrade to Android 10 Q, but only a select group of phones are currently eligible.

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