How to avoid drone flying away

ByGB Blog Official 2016-10-16 4804

“Flyaway” is one of the things that we would not like to happen when flying our drones. Talking about fly-away, it refers to the situation that player lose control of the drone, these incidents usually end with the drone lost or been damaged heavily.

Possible fly-away causes

Various reasons lead to the fly-away of drone, but are mainly caused by pilot errors and may also caused by:

●​ Connection loss between the drone and transmitter;

●​ Electromagnetic interference;

●​ Wrong set-up return-to-home point;

●​ Mis-configured flight controller;

●​ Software glitches;

●​ Hardware failure (GPS, barometric sensor, receiver board, etc);

●​ Design error.


Among the above causes, one of the most common reason of drone fly-away is the connection loss between the drone and transmitter. This case may caused by weak battery of drone and transmitter, suddenly power off of the transmitter or radio interference.


How to avoid drone flying away

According to the fly-away reasons, the following approaches can help you avoid the flyaway of your drone. These are the minimum things you can do to ensure safe and reliable flying.

●​ Improve flying skill and gain experience by buying a cheaper beginner drone ;

●​ Fly on large open fields and avoid flying over water or places with obstacles;

●​ Pay attention to signal interference and do not fly near high-voltage power lines;

●​ Do not fly beyond transmitter’s range in case of losing connection;

●​ Check the battery power and voltage before every flight;

●​ Wait for strong GPS signal;

●​ Cut the motor immediately or hover till connection is restored or the battery is empty if the drone does not have GPS;

●​ Use timer to estimate the remaining flight time;

●​ Be patient to set a home point correctly

●​ Update firmware to latest stable version

●​ Calibrate the drone’s compass; 

●​ Configure the drone’s fail-safe functions.


Besides the above methods, there are some things that can help you find your lost drone. Such as:

●​ Loud buzzer connected to the flight controller;

●​ Low voltage alarm;

●​ Label with your phone number;

●​ GPS tracker.