How to avoid eye fatigue by using LCD?

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After changing the monitor from CRT to LCD, the eyes are more likely to get tired than before. If this state continues, it will cause eye strain, blurred vision, shoulder acid, headache, general fatigue, vision loss and other diseases. Is there any good way to solve it? Try adjusting the brightness and contrast of the monitor and changing the background color to see how it works. If you have to use your computer for a long time every day, maybe it's time to install a video saver.

The causes of eye fatigue include: light mapped to the display and reflected light, picture flickering, and so on.

Compared with CRT, LCD basically does not have the problem of picture flicker. In contrast, mapping and reflecting light has become a problem for liquid crystal displays. When a fluorescent lamp or a person's face is mapped to the screen, it increases the difficulty of reading the picture and makes the eye muscle activity exceed the normal level, which can be said to be the cause of eye fatigue.

In addition, liquid crystal displays have recently developed towards high brightness and high contrast. Although this is good for color display, it also makes the eyes more prone to fatigue. Therefore, adjusting the brightness, contrast and color of the picture can avoid eye fatigue to a certain extent. The display has the functions of adjusting brightness and contrast, up and down, left and right deviation, tilt and so on. Try using these features to adjust brightness and contrast. But if the brightness and contrast are too low, it is more likely to cause eye fatigue, so try to adjust it several times to suit your own state. As for the adjustment method, please refer to the instructions of each monitor.

In addition, through the screen setting of Windows, you can also change the color configuration of the window. Select "display" in the control panel, click "appearance" and then click "detailed Settings" to change to your favorite color configuration. In the initial setting, because the white background of the window is too strong, changing it to cream or light green will have a good effect. Please select [window] in [Advanced] and change it to your favorite color through [Color 1].

Depending on the software, sometimes even if the above changes are made, the color of the window cannot be changed. In most of the menus of this kind of software, there are separate window background setting instructions, please confirm it through help.

The most effective way to avoid eye fatigue by reducing screen reflection and mapping is to install a video saver on the screen.

Transmittance refers to the ratio of light passing through the video protection screen. The lower this value, the thicker the color of the video protection screen. When there are many processing tasks such as pictures and photos, we need to be as close to the natural color as possible, so we should choose products with high transmittance (about 80-90%). On the other hand, people who usually find the screen dazzling had better choose a product with lower transmittance (50% to 70%).

With regard to reflectivity, the lower the value, the better the effect of preventing mapping, and the eyes are less prone to fatigue. Although it is effective to choose products with a nominal value of less than 0.5%, the price is also relatively expensive.

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