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How to backup and restore data on your Android smartphone?

ByOleg Romanenko 2019-02-22 14605

As the well-known IT wisdom says, system administrators are divided into those who do not make backups, and those who already make backups. I think everyone at least once after the firmware or failure had to configure the phone / tablet from scratch. But to do this is not necessary if there is a saved backup. In this article, we will consider different types of backup of the contents of Android devices for all occasions.

backup and restore data on your Android smartphone


Google always syncs calendar events, contacts, documents, Gmail settings, and other account information. Starting with Android 5.0, the company offers the ability to restore applications for a new device. In Android 6.0, this feature has been enhanced by synchronizing application data, as well as system settings, along with all the information stored in the cloud.

If you use the Google Now launcher, the background of your home screen, the icon and location of the widgets, and the folder structure are stored in the cloud. This allows you to restore the settings on the new phone and save the layout of the main screen.

Where is all this data stored? Google uploads backup copies of application data to Disk, allocating 25MB for each program. Data used by the backup system is not counted in the storage quota. At the same time, developers can choose which application data will be stored in the cloud.


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Here is how you can restore Android apps.

How to enable backup service on Android?

First, make sure you have a backup service running on your current smartphone.

● Open "Settings" on the home screen or "Menu".

● Go to the "Backup and Reset" section.

● Select "Backup My Data".


● Switch the item "Backup my data" to On mode.

● Select "Back" to return to the "Backup and reset" menu.

● Verify that the Google account associated with the Backup Account is correct.

● Switch "Auto Recovery" to On mode to restore settings and data when installing an application.

Backup Account and Auto Recovery 

Now that you have enabled Android’s backup service, your system settings and application data will be automatically saved to Google Drive. When you change your smartphone, you can count on the service to restore settings, applications and related data.

How to restore applications after resetting?

If you use a smartphone with Android 5.0 Lollipop and higher, application recovery takes a few minutes. This option is available after the first boot of the smartphone, or a complete reset to the factory settings.

● Select the "arrow" on the welcome screen to begin setting up your smartphone.

● Select system language.

● Connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

● Select "Accept and Continue".

Accept and Continue 

● In the next step, you can easily copy Google accounts, apps and data from another device, but for now, we will not use this option.

● Sign in to your Google account.

Sign in to your Google account 

● Click "Accept" to sign in to your Google account.

● On the "Google Apps" tab you can choose whether to enable the backup service for your account.

● If you want to add another e-mail, you can do this on the tab "Add another e-mail address". Otherwise, simply select "Not Now" and click "Next".

Add another e-mail address 

● Now we come to the item "Select a device", in which you can select a device for recovery.

● You will see a list of all your previous devices, and the time when you last used them.

● Select a device to see all available recovery applications.

● If you want to restore all applications and settings, click "Restore".

restore all applications and settings 

● Do not want to restore everything? Click the arrow next to the Restore All item.

● Self-select which applications you want to repair.

● Click “Restore” to retrieve applications and all settings from the cloud.

retrieve applications and all settings from the cloud 

Now you can set up fingerprints and enable Google Now.

set up fingerprints and enable Google Now 

It's all! After the initial setup is complete, applications and settings will be restored in the background.

How to view the amount of data that is synchronized in the cloud?

You can't see exactly what data is stored in the cloud but you can see the volume. Here's how to find out:

● Open Google Drive from your home screen or menu.

● In My Drive, select a menu from the top left corner.

● Go to "Settings".

Go to  

● Click the "Backup Management" button.

● You will see a list of all applications that use the backup service.


The ability to restore Android applications after a reset is available on all current smartphones running Android 6.0 and above, although there are a few exceptions. Latest Xiaomi phones with a Chinese shell, for example, do not provide Google backup options. The problem is more common in countries like India, where there is an influx of Chinese phones with a reworked user interface.

In Western markets this should not be a problem. If you buy a smartphone from Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola, or any other manufacturer that has a strong position in the market, you will be able to fully restore applications on the new phone.


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