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How to buy things on double 11?

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The annual double 11 is the day when the gangsters snapped up their merchandise. On this day, everyone is waiting for the moment of spike.Is the thing selling on double 11 really the cheapest in a year? Today, let's talk to you about double 11 purchase strategy.

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1. Rational consumption

Merchant's full reduce activity, buy 1 get 1 activity is useless to you. For example, if you like a T-shirt, the merchant says to buy one more T-shirt at half price. You seem to be getting a good deal, actually? The extra T-shirt is probably in your closet finally.

2.Judging the price of new products

Compare the same product in the shopkeeper’s store in case he give inflated prices.

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3.Official strategy

Believe what the official website said, it sums up the experience of many years.There is no harm to you to take a good look them !Here give you directly the link of double 11.

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4.Try to purchase as fast as possible

● The goods that can arrive on the day are limited to the merchants who signed the double-eleven logistics agreement with taobao.

● Only part of the first - and second-tier cities.


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Coupons: First, to use it, do not get excited to forget. Merchants calculate the amount of coupons in the discount; Second, to understand the coupon level in advance. If you can use $200, do not use $100 (seems to be nonsense ~).

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I admit that the presale the product will create a new marketing model for the consumer. But not yet. Therefore, you can buy it in advance, but do not think you can take advantage of anything!

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