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How to change 3D printer model in Cura

BySteve Lowry 2018-05-31 8969

When the Cura 3D slicing software is installed, but select wrong machine model. How to deal with it? This post is the answer.
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1. Machine settings

Turn on the Cura 3D slicing software, select "Machine"-"Machine settings"




2. Add machine model

Add new machine in Skysktcube2




Add new machine wizard, the wizard will help you in setting up Cura for your 3D printer. Just click "next"




3. Select machine

Select your machine model, if there is no correct model in the list, choose "other":





Other machine infromation: the following per-defined machine profiles are available.


Note that these profiles are not guaranteed to give good results, or work at all. Extre tweaks might be required. If you find issues with the predefined profiles, or want an extra profile. Please report it at the github issue tracker.





4. Complete the machine information

Set build volume parameter according to the machine you purchased, and you can check it if has hot bed function.






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