How to change NAT type on PS4

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Sometimes your PlayStation 4 may experience connectivity problems when playing a multiplayer game - you can often disconnect from your game sessions, or you suffer from high ping rates. If you have checked your network connection and it is very good, it may be that there are problems with your PS4 NAT Type setting. In fact, NAT modification can be an effective method to improve the state of the PS4 network.

This article shows you what type is NAT, where you can see its status, and how you can change it for a better PS4 network connection.

What is NAT type

NAT is the abbreviation for Network Address Translation. There is a method that "translates" the IP addresses of all your devices in your home into a public one (everything is done very quickly in your router). NAT is necessary because it saves a lot of addresses that the number of them is much less than sufficient, .

There are three main types of NATs:

Type 1 (Open): This is a totally open type. You connect directly to the Internet. Your PS4 has the slightest chance of disconnection and high game latency. And you can connect to all types of NAT users. The disadvantage is that your connection may be precarious.

Type 2 (Moderate): Your PS4 connects to the Internet with a router. Compared to the open type, you will have the upper offset and slower connection. But you can still connect to most of the players there.

Type 3 (Strict): This is the strictest of the type. Your PS4 connects to the Internet with a router. The chance of disconnection are the highest. You cannot connect to open players. And can not some of your PS4 functions online be able to work.

If you are in NAT 3 type, it is recommended to change it so that you can increase your PS4 network speed. So, if you have a bad connection when playing mulitplayer games on PS4, you can check if your console uses the wrong NAT type.

How to check NAT type on PS4

It is very easy to check what NAT Type your PlayStation 4 is in.

On your PS4:

1) Go to Settings > Network > Show connection status.

2) After the test, you can see the NAT type at the bottom.

IMPORTANT: Please also note the IP Address and Default Gateway. You will need it in the following steps.

How to change NAT type

You cannot change NAT Enter directly on PS4. Modification of NAT type, it is necessary to modify some parameters of your router. And these settings can be different depending on the brand and model of the router you are using. So, you need to prepare a computer and your router manual before you start.

Here are the detailed steps to change NAT type:

1)On your computer, open a web browser, then type in the address field of the default IP address of the gateway (the default gateway you just noted). After that, press Enter on your keyboard.

2) Enter the Username and Password to access your router.

3) On your router settings, enable UPnP *. (The location of UPnP varies depending on what you are using a router. If you need help, you can consult the manual to learn more about localization and enabling UPnP.)

UPnP is synonymous with Universal Plug-and-Play. It is a protocol that allows you to discover each other's devices on a network

4) There are two ways you can change the NAT PS4 type. The first is to put in the demilitarized zone, which can be a dangerous method. The other is to open some shipping ports. You can click on one of the links to go to the method you want to choose.

one) To put your PS4 in the Demilitarized Zone:

IMPORTANT: DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) is a subnetwork that lies between the Internet and the insecurity of your trusted home network. Have better communication with networks outside the devices in this zone, but they will be vulnerable to attacks from the Internet. You should think twice before going through the steps below.

I. Find the DMZ setting on your router (you may need to check your router's manual).

ii. Enable DMZ and enter the IP address of your PS4 you have just Cancelled in the DMZ box. Then save and apply your changes.

iii. Check if your PS4 NAT type has changed and if the network connection is now smooth.

b) To redirect ports to your PS4:

I. Go to the section on your router settings where you can ports forward (usually it is called "Port Forwarding", "Virtual Servers", "Applications". And again, your manual will help you to locate.)

ii. Add custom shipping ports:

The numbers and types (TCP / UDP) of the ports you are about to enter are listed below (all recommended by Sony):

80(TCP), 443(TCP), 3478(TCP and UDP), 3479(TCP and UDP), 3480(TCP).

Note that you must give a first name and assign your PS4 IP Address to each of these ports.

iii. Apply your changes.

iv. Check if the NAT type on your PS4 modifications and if you have a better multiplayer gaming experience.

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